The Monthly Intel, September 2019: Don’t Get Cheated by B2B Data Providers

The Monthly Intel, September 2019: Don’t Get Cheated by B2B Data Providers

Don’t Get Cheated by B2B Data Providers  

As a kid, I used to think everything comes from the mall. Like they literally made everything in there. It was much later that I learned about farms and factories and to be honest, it was quite a revelation. Learning about the complexities behind the simplest of purchases is something I still cherish.

It’s not that the source of these products has any bearing on their quality. After all, Blood Diamonds look the same as regular diamonds and pirated or licensed music sounds the same. So the question is- if you can’t tell the difference, does it matter? For some people it does, for others, it doesn’t.  In the 90s, people used to pay a premium to ensure their diamonds didn’t come from conflict regions. A majority of people now prefer to pay for their music than downloading a pirated copy off the internet. That’s consumer conscience.

The same goes for businesses as well. Some companies go to great lengths to ensure not just the quality but also the ethical source of their products. The US even has a law that requires electronics companies to disclose and trace their use of conflict minerals.

But why am I talking about this? Well, because the industry I am in for the last decade faces a similar problem. Businesses need B2B data and buying intelligence for their sales and marketing operations- that’s a fact. That’s why B2B data and sales intelligence is a thriving business. But rarely do any of those customers know where the data comes from.

Picture this- a company goes out harvesting the web (LinkedIn, Twitter and other such companies) to collect data (probably breaking a few rules and terms of services in the process), does a bit of cleaning, and sells it to you. How is that different from pirated music? 

And it’s not just about ethics. At a time when there is a national debate on data privacy and ownership, buying from such sources also brings the risk of potential legal troubles.  The point is, if you don’t use pirated software or other illegitimate practices, why not hold your data vendors to the same standard? After all, your reputation is tied to their data. Don’t let them screw it up. There have been cases when owners of the contact data have sent cease and desist letters to companies using the stolen data. Are you sure your data is not stolen and that you won’t receive a similar request? Could your business survive having all of your data pulled from the sales and marketing engines? 

That is why we at SalesIntel choose to be different. Employing over 200 researchers, we collect and curate our data the right way. Yes, that’s excruciatingly tough and to be honest, a lot more expensive but at least we don’t sell pirated data and that matters. Does it matter to you?


New Education Data Coming to SalesIntel in Mid October!

At SalesIntel we always strive to Exceed Expectations. This is why we’ve prioritized contacts in the education field to meet growing customer demand and are thrilled to announce these contacts will be available in our portal in just two short weeks! Start searching our portal for new contacts or get our Free chrome extension to try our data for free!

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Search Rankings Lists, Share Saved Searches Across Orgs & Search Personal Email Addresses

We’ve just added amazing new features to the SalesIntel Platform including the ability to search by “Rankings”. Now you can easily pin point companies or contacts by selecting one or more of the seven ranking options in the side panel. You can also share your saved searches with other members of your organization. This is essential to assigning territories to your reps or working across departments. Make sure to check out the full release notes to learn more!


Webinar: Double Your Event ROI with a Data Partner

Date : October 10, 2019 Time : 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm EDT

What if you had a way to triple your ROI from your events? In this webinar learn how combining your event marketing with a data partner can dramatically increase your ROI by accelerating your pipeline and closing more deals. 

Join us and learn the best ways to:

  • Append incomplete registration data
  • Add decision makers
  • Gather company intelligence
  • Track buying intent signals

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Webinar: How to Customize Your Messaging for the 7 Unique Buyer Types

Missed the Webinar? You can still catch the recap of Jason Hubbard, VP of Growth at SalesIntel and CJ Hauptmeier, CEO of KPI Analytics, sharing why concierge service has become essential to marketing teams. After all, your marketing needs to be optimized and targeted to close your accounts and increase revenue. No more throwing names at a wall and seeing who sticks to your sales team.

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