EdTech Industry – Looking at a Bigger (Positive) Picture During the Pandemic

EdTech Industry – Looking at a Bigger (Positive) Picture During the Pandemic

EdTech is More Essential Than Ever

The COVID-19 epidemic may have disrupted the country’s ecoai toolsnomy and business ecosystem. However, as higher learning organizations have had to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances many EdTech solutions have been reprioritized and raised in importance.

Today’s classrooms have evolved beyond clunky desktop computers and classroom lectures that once were the norm, and are now filled with tablets, interactive online courses and even live or record virtual lectures.

The influx of EdTech solutions is transforming classrooms in several ways – 

AI platforms are making learning simpler and more enjoyable, IoT devices are praised for their ability to add interactivity, and more.

EdTech Supporting Schools in a Tough Time

Although classrooms, colleges, and teaching centers are at a standstill, EdTech companies are not leaving any stones unturned to support educational institutions. To get as many educators as possible on their platforms, different EdTech companies have started offering free services or discounted subscriptions for their users, which are likely to convert into paid users in the future. 

After hundreds of universities canceled classes due to in response to COVID-19, many EdTech companies have started offering educators free teaching resources to assist with the transition from in-person to online learning.

Collaboration and Communication

To build a positive school culture, actual collaboration is a must. It is necessary to maintain the same environment virtually as it is within the walls of the school as well as come up with new innovative approaches.

EdTech has helped users to co-create content, interact with large numbers of people at the same time, and collaborate on a larger scale than what is usually possible within a classroom or lecture hall. Virtual meeting tools are making it convenient for parents who need to meet with teachers but may not have the ability to physically come to the school.

Especially in the present situation, there must be transparency in the communication between the stakeholders. Online communication platforms have enabled continuous communication and much-needed openness between schools, teachers, students, families, and the community. This approach has helped in increasing trust and creating positive, successful relationships. These small things are crucial in contributing to a positive school culture and improved student learning.

EdTech Industry - Looking at a Bigger (Positive) Picture During the Pandemic

Easy Access

EdTech has also provided easy access to information and data for school teams, families, and students. Schools are collecting data to identify areas of success as well as challenges. Monitoring the data will help them to evaluate and decide what’s working and what’s not. 

AI tools allow teachers to collect specific students’ data, compile, and share it with school teams to keep track of their performance. The teams within the school team use this data to work together and set goals based on identified areas of concern. 

Schools involved in developing a positive school culture often recognize the value of monitoring progress against goals set using EdTech solutions. Thus, quick access to data using AI is an important component of success.

Additionally, parents, guardians, and students are finding it easy to access individual student and school-wide data to improve school culture. While EdTech solutions are helping students to attend online classes, they are also helping parents and teachers to get information for individual students including student grades, behavior metrics, and school culture goals. EdTech companies are also coming up with simplified UI/UX solutions to present the data in easier to digest formats.

EdTech’s practical value hence has rapidly improved from its pre-pandemic standing. While education technology was previously considered as an option or luxury for quality education and a supplement to traditional schooling systems, it is now becoming an essential part of the education industry for preserving a sector upended by change.

So, there’s a need to encourage more EdTech companies to support schools and other educational institutions.

SalesIntel Supporting EdTech

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