Higher Ed is in Need so it’s Time for EdTech to Shine (And SalesIntel’s Here to Help)

Higher Ed is in Need so it’s Time for EdTech to Shine (And SalesIntel’s Here to Help)

As the current pandemic continues to disrupt daily lives and force companies to shutter offices, businesses and industries of all sizes are scrambling to adjust to the new reality. Some, like those in hospitality, have simply ceased operations while others like those in IT services are embracing remote working. But some institutions can neither cease operations nor have much experience with remote operations – chief among these are educational institutions. This is the first time in history that almost every college campus in the country is closed indefinitely and they are desperate to get back up and running. 

Though EdTech has been steadily on the rise for the last decade, campuses are now seriously considering all possible solutions to effectively and efficiently create virtual campuses to cater to their students, faculty, and staff. Education, after all, isn’t something that should ever stop. Some of the common solutions include: 

Virtual Classrooms 

As campuses close and in-person classes remain suspended, institutions are rushing to shift their curriculum and resources to virtual classrooms to keep students engaged and their calendar on track. Established players like Coursera and edX are now offering many of their premium programs for free and many universities are rushing to either build their own platform or partner with Online Program Managers (OPMs) to adapt to these circumstances. 


Not only has the current lockdown thrown curriculum into disarray but travel restrictions have also forced almost every campus to cancel their conferences and seminars. Many institutions are trying to compensate for these disruptions through teleconferencing, virtual conferences and other tech enabled solutions to ensure faculty mobility (at least in a virtual space). 

Online Admission and Recruitment 

Educational institutions work on a rigid calendar. While online learning can to some extent keep the current session on track, there is another big challenge – most of the exams for admission and recruitment for the next session are also postponed. To prevent more disruptions in the future, many institutions are moving towards online admission and recruitment systems and are desperately looking for solutions to meet their specific needs. 

While all of the above operational changes are currently the need of the hour, it is widely accepted that it will leave a lasting impact and make educational institutions more flexible and resilient through the use of technology. 

This is why they need, now more than ever, innovative and effective solutions to keep their educational and administrative operations running with minimal disruptions. 

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