Need to Jumpstart Sales? Take the Right B2B SaaS Marketing Approach

Jumpstart Sales? Take the Right B2B SaaS Marketing Approach

For SaaS companies, mastering marketing isn’t optional. Your approach to marketing your product could make or break the success of your business. While there are many benefits associated with SaaS businesses such as predictable recurring revenue, great margins, and inbound leads, B2B SaaS marketing is challenging. 

It takes a strong B2B SaaS marketing strategy to sell something that has no physical presence. The key challenge is sustaining and growing a SaaS business in ever-changing marketing trends, especially in the age of AI and machine learning. You need to get people to trust your product, help them sign up to see the value, and then eventually convert them into customers.

Where to Begin? 

To begin with, it is important to focus on the ultimate goal of your company – to cross the break-even point and achieve profit. To achieve this stage, you will need to crack some big deals. The bigger the deal, however, the longer the purchase cycle. Thus, you need more leads and opportunities in your sales pipeline to hit your numbers. To make it feasible, you need to set a B2B lead generation process to generate qualified leads consistently. 

How would you go about it? What are the ways that you help you get there? Let us focus on some valuable suggestions to consider while creating lead generation strategies for SaaS companies. 

State Who You Are Clearly

The more you generalize the value and benefits of the product or service your provide, the more junk or unqualified leads you will get. It is important for you to project your product or service clearly. Although generalizing the message will help you reach a wider audience, the conversion rate will be a concern for you. 

For instance, if you are posting generalized messages on social media to engage a wider audience, you might get the engagement. However, you will not only end up messing up your brand message, but it will also leave the audience confused about your offering. Rather than seeking a wider audience, it is good to focus on a specific buyer persona and engage them with relevant information. 

Focus Your Efforts on LinkedIn

Facebook or LinkedIn, which is better? There has always been a question mark about using Facebook or LinkedIn for marketers. Most digital marketing professionals prefer both platforms for B2B lead generation, although the intent of both platforms is separate. 

While Facebook is often used to hang out and stay connected with friends, LinkedIn provides the best social media network platform for business purposes. Leads generated through LinkedIn are often qualified and have higher chances of closing. However, getting connected to your prospect can be a tough task. 

To overcome this challenge in your B2B SaaS marketing strategy, you can use RevDriver to export the email Id, contact number, and company info of your prospects by visiting their profile. 

Once you have the contact details, you can reach them through email. You can then open the conversation by referring to a LinkedIn post published by your prospect, noting a shared connection, or making reference to an interesting part of their professional background. This will create interest and increase the possibilities of getting a response from them.

Use Gated Content

Educating prospects should be the primary focus of much of your SaaS marketing strategy, and to fully effectuate this process for lead generation purposes, you need to keep some content gated. Gating content is one of the most useful business strategies for acquiring contact information from potential buyers. However, it is harder to get prospects to engage with gated content, as the content has to be interesting enough to warrant the exchange of their contact info. 

Given that, you need to understand the type of content you should use as gated content. You cannot ask the prospects for their contact details without providing a compelling content offer. The prospect should feel there is enough value to provide their contact details. 

The best thing to do is use offering case studies, eBooks, and webinars as the gated content. In this way, lead generation can be made very easy and hassle-free, without bombarding the customer with advertisements. 

Offer Product Trials

Businesses often offer free consultations, audits, assessments, or demos to woo buyers. However, if you are a SaaS company, prospects would be more interested in trying your product versus interacting with you straight away or receiving a report with graphs and pie charts. 

Offering a product trial is probably the best lead generation technique. It is useful to gain the customer’s trust in your product. You can either offer a basic model by locking advanced features or offer a full version of your product for limited days. It must be noted that through product testing, companies can quickly gain their customer’s belief in them. 

Focus on Repeat Business

Hitting your number doesn’t necessarily mean generating new leads and nurturing them to new acquisition. While selling to the B2B companies is a pain in the neck, creating opportunities for repeat business from your existing accounts can help you achieve your numbers without putting in the extra effort. Bear in mind though that for the average SaaS company, per Gartner, a full 80% of all future revenue will come from just a fraction (20%) of your current customers. 

Do Email Marketing the Right Way 

You cannot keep email marketing away from your B2B sales strategy. Emails are the best way to reach and initiate the conversation with your prospects. And yet, this tactic is often underestimated by SaaS companies. SaaS marketers either send bulk cold emails using inaccurate data or send emails without knowing if the recipient is a decision-maker. It is important to study your recipients, collect enough company information, and share a personalized email that will generate a response from them. 

To make the most out of the email marketing strategy, SaaS businesses often partner with a reliable B2B data vendor to save time and reach a broad audience as quickly as possible. We go a step ahead and make it easier for the SaaS companies by providing the technographic and firmographic data along with the contact details of the decision-makers. 


Most of your SaaS marketing efforts will point towards getting the emails of your prospects. As the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry is continuing to experience massive growth, it is important to reach your audience quickly. We have developed our SalesIntel data portal to help you boost the prospecting process that allows you to spend more time selling. 

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