How to Make Your Sales Prospecting Smart and Simplified

How to Make Your Sales Prospecting Smart and Simplified

When doing B2B sales prospecting, customers have greater access to information than ever before, allowing them to examine every potential characteristic and benefit before making a final decision.

Prospecting helps you to find consumers that are a suitable fit for your company. You identify prospects who have a genuine need for your product or service to address their problems and alleviate their pain points.

It’s also highly effective. More than 7 in 10 customers like to hear from salespeople early in the buying process. 82% of customers agree to meetings when a salesperson initiates contact.

So, if customers like hearing from salespeople, why is prospecting such a difficult task? Because it all depends on reaching the right people. 

Here’s what you should do to simplify your sales prospecting and execute your plans with accuracy. 

Send Out Warm Calls And Emails 

For the B2B business, cold calls and emails are always under the radar when it comes to ROI. Cold calling potential prospects may be challenging and unpleasant. Yet it is still an important component of the sales process. 

Your first contact with new prospects, however, does not have to be a truly cold call. To better engage your prospect, prepare beforehand by conducting quick research. Before the conversation or email, you may nudge them with your name or company affiliation by connecting with them on LinkedIn or commenting on their social media. The goal is to create a meaningful dialogue based on the facts you have. 

SalesIntel offers you the necessary technographic and firmographic data about your prospects, as well as their direct dial number, to prepare and approach the decision-maker directly. You can also access buyer intent data to find prospects already researching topics related to your service.

Offer Real-time Responses to Follow Up on Prospects

According to the Harvard Business Review, firms that approach prospective clients within an hour of receiving a form fill are roughly seven times more likely to apply for the lead than those who wait one hour—and more than 60 times more likely than those that wait 24 hours or more.

In their personal lives, B2B customers are consumers, and consumers want immediacy. We’re accustomed to receiving instant responses from chatbots and large business support teams—we anticipate quick responses, next-day delivery, and real-time notifications. Your approach to opportunity follow-up must be improved, and a corporate-wide culture of immediacy is the best way forward.

Make sure you have lead routing in place and reps with the necessary open time to jump on new leads immediately.

Focus on Website Intelligence and Automation

EY stated that 41% of firms are investing in automation acceleration to prepare for the post-crisis business environment. Investing in your company website and automating or improving the prospecting process is a surefire method to increase your pipeline. Reverse IP tracking software exposes the identity of your website visitors and watches their on-site behaviors, providing you with a wave of fresh leads to the top of your pipeline as well as a massive amount of data in real time.

Most businesses rely on Google Analytics, which shows how many people have visited a website and other basic demographic information. However, these are raw traffic figures, and they always contain information that is marked as unknown. Google does not tell you if people are spam or prospective clients that need a push to buy.

VisitorIntel assists sales and marketing teams in identifying and reaching decision-makers and key influencers in organizations who have previously visited their website. This way you can target companies with your sales team that have shown interest in your site but haven’t reached out directly yet. 

Explore Smarter Ways to Use LinkedIn

SDRs spend the majority of their time investigating rather than selling. According to 99Firms, at least half of the possibilities pursued by salespeople are a poor fit. As a result, learning to rapidly discover prospects and contact information can lead to significantly more success. Less time searching, more time talking.

Explore Smarter Ways to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for discovering leads. They make it easy to find ideal prospects and connections. But, actually starting a conversation is harder. You have to wait for a connection request to be approved or pay for access. Even then you don’t know how often someone checks their LinkedIn messages.

Instead, you can use LinkedIn for research and then reach prospects via email or phone.

The RevDriver Chrome extension offers real-time prospecting. It is excellent for quickly finding contact information, allowing you to reach out without relying on a LinkedIn connection. While on a LinkedIn page or company website, you will also get access to direct work mobile dial numbers, technographic and firmographic data, buyer intent data, and more, in addition to your prospective email addresses. 

SalesIntel offers 100 credits for the first month and 10 credits per month after for free RevDriver users with the ability to add more based on your needs. RevDriver includes a credit counter to assist users to track their number of discoveries, as well as increased premium features for paying customers, such as the ability to request a research-on-demand study.

Build a Focused List of Prospects 

The goal of building a B2B list is to create a highly dependable and focused lead list. You don’t want to invest weeks or even months emailing a lead just to discover that this person isn’t a good fit for your product, or worse, have your email bounce or be marked as spam.

We recommend taking a new look at the data of your top clients to produce a list of business prospects rather than concentrating on previous profiles generated based on assumptions about your ideal client. Consider the below data points: 

Industry: Do your customers tend to come from a certain industry or a set of industries? 

Company size: Do the majority of clients come from similar-sized businesses? Is it common for purchasers to be managers? Senior executives? Senior executives? 

Revenue: How much money do your customers usually earn? Is there a particular range for your best clients?

You can also build the list using automated tools to save time. For example, if you want to find the contact information (email addresses and phone numbers) of the CEOs of firms with 25-100 workers, are in the healthcare field, and are situated in the United States, you can use data intelligence tools such as SalesIntel.

SalesIntel Can Streamline Your B2B Sales Prospecting 

SalesIntel takes all the guesswork out of the B2B sales prospecting.

SalesIntel is both accurate and simple to use, even for individuals with no prior experience in B2B prospecting and list building.

Here’s a quick step-by-step approach to using SalesIntel to improve your B2B prospecting efforts:

Step 1: Get Started with SalesIntel

Get a taste of what SalesIntel can offer with a test drive of our signature platform and a look at what the B2B data can do. 

Get Started with SalesIntel

Step 2: Input Your Search Criteria Using the Left-Hand Panel

After you’ve navigated to SalesIntel’s dashboard, it’s time to do your first search.

Enter your search criteria in the left-hand panel. Imagine you’re seeking leads in the SaaS sector. After you’ve navigated to “Industry,” look for SaaS.

Other firmographic and technological data sets might help you narrow down your search even more.

 Input Your Search Criteria Using the Left-Hand Panel

Step 3: Decide Which Prospects to Get in Touch With

Once you have applied all the required filters to match your ICP, you will get a list of prospects. Tap on the name of the prospect to learn more about each one. This will take you to a page with details about the title, contact details, and other information such as what type of software they use, company size, and more.

Decide Which Prospects to Get in Touch With

And You Are Done!

Unlock the Export to CRM Feature

You can export the list to your CRM once you subscribe to a paid version. This will allow you to organize your data in one place. You can also save the list for future reference.

Want to take a tour of the SalesIntel portal and see how it can help you meet your potential clients and your quotas?

Any B2B firm must prospect accurately for finding new customers, most importantly, in less time. You can’t grow if you don’t have leads coming in or have leads that don’t match your SQL criteria. 

Fortunately, these strategies and methods will enable you and your team to create and approach qualified prospects. There is no better moment than now to rethink and reset your company growth plan. 

So, start today

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