Identify Target Accounts and More with VisitorIntel

SalesIntel is delighted to announce the release of VisitorIntel.

VisitorIntel is an analytics-driven feature that allows users to gain insights into which companies are visiting their website and increase our users’ opportunity to connect with the buyer before they fully define their needs. 

“70% of buyers fully define their needs on their own before engagement, and 44% identify specific solutions before reaching out to a seller.” // CSO Insights

When our users insert a small piece of code onto their websites, we are able to track the visitors to their website and triangulate that data to associate the visitor with a corporate website. Users will then be able to view the website that is typically outfitted in the SalesIntel database with a full company profile; complete with technographics, firmographics, and industry-leading contact information for decision makers and key influencers under the organization’s umbrella.

Find out who’s visiting your website today with VisitorIntel.


VisitorIntel allows users to:

  • Gives sales and marketing teams the ability to find and contact decision makers and key influencers at organizations that have recently visited their website decreasing lag time.
  • Create targeted campaigns by pushing decision makers at companies that have recently visited your website from SalesIntel into your CRM.
  • Immediately access industry-leading direct dials and mobile phone numbers for decision makers and key influencers that work for companies that have visited your website, saving sales teams countless research hours.
  • Identify net new “look alike” prospects by using SalesIntel firmographics and technographics to develop in-depth profiles of the kinds of companies that are visiting your website. This allows marketing teams to easily identify other companies that fit their company profile and add them to campaigns.
  • Access SalesIntel’s best in class Research on Demand service for information on any company that visits your website.

According to SalesIntel Founder & CEO Manoj Ramnani: 

“It always helps our sales and marketing teams shorten sales cycles when we are able to target companies that have expressed interest in our products and services, and website visits are a terrific indicator of that interest.  If we can find the people who are checking us out on the web, and easily find the other people in that organization who we might want to reach out to, we are ahead of the game. We believe our clients can similarly benefit, so we conceived and launched VisitorIntel within our SaaS product.” 

For more information on how VisitorIntel works or to set up a training session, please reach out to and we will be in touch directly.