Buyer Intent: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Buyer Intent: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Buyer intent data is becoming an increasingly effective and powerful analytical tool for B2B marketing leaders. B2B buyer intent data uncover actionable analytics used to find potential buyers interested in a company’s products/services and determine what products or services buyers may be interested in. This allows for hyper-targeted sales and marketing strategies that can significantly improve a company’s sales revenues. 

What is buyer intent data? 

Intent data gives actionable information about the purchasing intent of a buyer that can be used for lead generation and lead qualification. The right intent data about potential buyers can deliver up to 4X sales pipeline growth.  SalesIntel’s buyer Intent Data helps marketers identify prospective accounts most interested in their products and services. To deliver the highest level of accuracy, we collect information from various high-traffic third parties and uncover signals of active buyers to enable marketers to do relevant, timely, and accurate outreach. 

SalesIntel amplifies its client’s Intent Data-driven prospecting and demand generation process by providing all the tools needed to create targeted and effective marketing strategies. Try SalesIntel’s Intent Data and accelerate your pipeline 4X. 

Buyer intent data usage 

Buyer intent data is being heavily adopted across different industries. According to Gartner, by the end of 2022, at least 70% of all B2B marketers will utilize intent data for their prospecting. 

Presently, most firms experience a high churn rate in sales and marketing plans like newsletters and promotional messages. This is because the lead data that they have is inaccurate, or messaging fails to resonate. 

With SalesIntel’s Intent Data-powered demand generation solutions, brands can create campaigns with a significantly higher return on investment. On average, our clients experience a 300% increase in their marketing ROI. We provide contact data for the interested buyers and have detailed firmographics and technographics that can filter the intent data and figure out the exact means to target a particular client. 

SalesIntel’s Intent Data solutions enable lead scoring and allow marketers to prioritize hot leads that ensure maximum lead conversion.

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Why do you need to start using buyer intent data?

Intent data demand generation enables organizations to accelerate their sales prospecting and speed up the flow of leads to the bottom of the funnel. But there are specific means through which buyer intent is utilized:

Identify the target audience 

When firms have an idea about the kind of customers interested in their products, they can picture their target audience. Precisely identifying the kind of people interested in key products can help the firm shape its brand identity according to the aesthetics and demographics of the target buyers. A brand with a young target audience can address more generation-specific needs and aesthetics in its sales pitches. 

Run more effective marketing campaigns

When the target audience is identified, targeted marketing becomes more effortless. Campaigns can be created that touch upon the buyer’s primary requirements, thus increasing lead conversion. 

Personalized sales strategies

In B2B, personalized messaging is an effective method to improve lead conversion rates. A customer addressed by their name and needs will be more willing to take the call to action than pay attention to a seemingly generic mass email. 

Customer retention 

Buyer intent data is not simply about lead generation and conversion. Intent data demand generation solutions can also be used to improve customer retention rates. Intent data shows the roadblocks in the buyer’s purchasing journey, allowing firms to reduce those obstacles and encourage customers to make repeat purchases. 

Better customer relationships

Intent data gives a firm a better understanding of a customer’s buying habits, favored products/services, and changes in buying behavior. This ensures that customer support is customized for every buyer providing improved retention and customer satisfaction. 

At SalesIntel, we provide 95% accurate and human-verified contact data with deeper insights into ideal buyers with our Intent Data. We update our data every 90 days to avoid the glut of bad or obsolete data that plagues most enterprises. 

But we do not just stop at growing our client’s lead generation database by up to 15 times. We offer capabilities with our Intent Data that allow marketers to score leads and target the right buyers at the right time. This score identifies how far along an interested buyer is in their buying journey. We analyze more than 7000 related topics to identify what solutions or features a potential buyer may be interested in before making a purchase decision. This allows companies to prioritize their sales and marketing strategies to target leads with a higher score as they are more likely to make the final purchase. 

The future of B2B intent data 

Business insiders now believe that simple mass marketing theories that were conventionally part of management studies are no longer applicable. There is a trend towards data-driven business decisions and marketing models in all kinds of industries. 

With hyper-specialized sales and marketing systems like Pay-Per-Click digital marketing and targeted SEO advertising, some reports claim that in 2020 almost 69% of all firms reported a dip in their advertising expenditure. But at the same time, their website traffic and the number of clicks received increased enormously. This is only possible because data analytics increases sales and marketing efficiency by leveraging an early head-start in customer loyalty with buyer intent data. 

When buyer data is available, it can be analyzed with various algorithms to find patterns in buying behavior and allow for successful intent data demand generation solutions. But this is only possible when the data is of high quality. In most cases, firms end up wasting their resources on storing inaccurate data, old and non-updated data, and incomplete data. 

At SalesIntel, data quality is one of our biggest focus areas and our key strength. We have a track record of providing 95% accuracy with all our data, well above average industry standards. Our clients’ call-to-connect ratios jump from 20% with only internal data banks to more than 100% with SalesIntel-powered accurate B2B Intent Data. 

With the start of big data adoption into commercial enterprises, companies using data modeling have a 5-6% higher profitability rating than their rivals who do not use data analytics tools. At SalesIntel, our clients report that the use of intent data contact information has reduced the prospecting time on each lead conversion by up to 80%. This is a major time-saving and allows the sales and marketing workforce to be employed in more productive tasks. 

We reduce the cost and effort of maintaining huge databases and add in our specialized analytics tools and filters to make it easier to sort through potential leads and use the ones with the best conversion potential. Intent Data is the essential ingredient to reaching your best leads first.

Try SalesIntel’s Intent Data demand generation solutions and grow your pipeline 4X faster.