13 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Busy Sales and Marketing Professionals


Whether you are looking to add Google Chrome extensions with analytical capabilities or tools that can make or break your business, you should choose them wisely. Your Chrome extensions must have the potential to provide excellent results in all aspects of your work, e.g., sales, marketing, quality assurance, data processing, social media, business management, and more.

When you have to choose from the endless Chrome extensions available, it is a pain to keep trying and removing them from your browser. Now and then, new and the best chrome extensions come to market that can ease your daily work. That is why we have come up with the list of 13 best Chrome extensions for B2B sales and marketing professionals.

These are the best extensions for Chrome – they will help you improve your messaging, promote your content effectively, find new customers, and more. So, without further ado, let’s jump to the list of best 11 Chrome extensions.

(Editor’s Note – The sequence of the Chrome extensions is random and is not based on priority or importance.)


1. BuzzSumo – Best Chrome Extension for Content Performance Tracking

Rating – 4.2

If you are a digital marketer, you should keep your eyes on the actions of your competitors by looking at what they are doing online, especially how their content is doing. BuzzSumo helps you to do exactly that. The extension would show the number of page views, social media shares, and backlinks, among other information.

Say you’re checking out a blog post that your rival just wrote. If you’re using this tool, what you need to do is open the extension to see what it has to suggest. You’ll get a readout of social media interaction, exclusive page views, and other things like sharing or backlinks.

Tracking how your content performs will be useful to produce similar content in setting up to produce identical content. This helps you plan your content marketing strategies in real-time, without any hassle.


2. Buffer — Must-Have Chrome Extension to Spread Your Content on Social Media

Rating – 4.7

Another great Chrome extension for content promotion and tracking, Buffer has proven to be one of the best chrome extensions for sellers and marketers.

Buffer is the perfect chrome extension to help you distribute content across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at once. It takes only a few minutes to update your social network.

It is easier to integrate Buffer to your website, your Facebook account, and your Twitter account. And with the latest update, it also supports the LinkedIn account. Buffer is easy to use and also allows you to share infographics and details across multiple social media channels.


3. RevDriver – Best Chrome Extension for Prospecting and Email Finding

Rating – 4.7

RevDriver is perfect for quickly finding the contact details you are looking for on a LinkedIn profile or the website of your target client. Download this free extension to reach 95% human-verified contacts today.

You don’t have to depend on LinkedIn InMail anymore to wait for responses, either. You can access human-verified data right from SalesIntel to reach your prospects directly. Additionally, you get access to their firmographic and technographic data.

Here’s how to use it as a salesperson. Select 50 people from 10 businesses, visit their profile, export their communication to your CRM or marketing automation platform, and execute more successful outreach campaigns. From there, you can use all types of marketing tactics to reach out to them, including but not limited to email campaigns, cold calls, or even ABM.


4. Crystal – Must-Try Chrome Extension for Identifying Your Prospects’ Communication Preference

Rating – 4.0

Crystal is one of the most interesting extensions out there for sales reps. Crystal analyzes the characteristics of the clients and then makes detailed decisions for how they want to interact. Crystal uses a few approaches to collect people’s data. First, it tells users visiting a person’s profile to enter details about them. It also gathers “thousands of sources” online in order to collect a fairly reliable description of prospects. So Crystal makes some pretty accurate predictions on how people want to interact. 

For example, the extension may recommend that you start your email with only their name instead of a greeting (because they like getting right down to business).


5. HubSpot Sales – Best Chrome Extension for Email Tracking and Sales Insights

Rating – 4.6

HubSpot Sales offers valuable insights for outbound leads. Provided that you are using HubSpot, the extension connects your email inbox to your CRM and transfers contact information of your leads directly from your email to your CRM.

Additionally, users can send emails and receive browser alerts when their email is delivered, opened, and clicked. These insights are continuously logged into the CRM. However, the only limitation of the tool is that a subscription to the Sales Hub is required.


6. Todoist — Must-Have Chrome Extension for Task Management

Rating – 4.6

Managing daily tasks is often challenging for sales and marketing professionals. How many times do you end the day realizing that you have missed an important task? Are you counting?

Todoist is the best Chrome extension for task management. It helps you to keep track of anything relevant to your task. You can use Todoist to plan and manage your tasks by accessing more than 60 common device integrations such as Alexa, Dropbox, Zapier, IFTTT, and Slack to do more out of Todoist. From simple business activities to multi-phase projects, Todoist offers you a straightforward description of anything to do with real-time synchronization.


7. Assistant.to – Must-Try Chrome Extension for Smart Meeting Schedule Management

Rating – 4.2

Scheduling meetings and conference calls can be a hassle to anyone associated. Even with Google Calendar, it can be challenging for two people to get on the same page. Predictably, this will lead to unnecessarily long email strings. Fortunately, Assistant.to is here to save the day. This Chrome extension connects to Google Calendar, takes available time slots, and enables users to pick hours that fit on their calendar.


8. Grammarly – Must-Have Chrome Extension for Better Messaging

Rating – 4.6

With far over 10 million users, Grammarly is the most popular extension on the list. Grammarly helps writers with all levels of writing and content tasks. Grammarly will ensure that your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, error-free, and impactful.

Whether you’re focusing on corporate communications, content marketing, cold email, or generating new business, you’re likely to need some form of written content for most of your day. You can select the intent of your message and the type: such as respectful, confident, formal, and more.

As a sales rep, you have to send emails daily. Grammarly will correct your spelling, grammar, and other issues as you write, avoiding any errors that may embarrass you further down the line.


9. Office Editing – Chrome Extension To Edit and View MS-Word, Excel & PowerPoint Documents

Rating – 4.1

The Office Editing Chrome Extension is for sales reps and marketing professionals who want to work together on a document in real-time. It is one of the best Chrome extensions to help you quickly access and edit MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents without needing to update MS-Office on your device.

Sales and marketing professionals are regular users of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Office Editing chrome extension support formats including — .doc, .xlsx, .pptx, .docx, .xls. You can use Office Editing chrome extension by installing it to your Chrome, opening in your Gmail, and viewing and editing content in your email account.


10. One Click Extensions Manager – Best Chrome Extension for Managing the Extensions

Rating – 4.6

The last one on the list is the One Click Extension Manager. We have a lot of extensions to work our way through here, which can be a lot to add to our browsers. In anticipation, One Click Extensions Manager stores all your extensions in one tidy folder to prevent your browser from collapsing with extension icons. You may find more extensions that will provide you an opportunity to be more productive, effective, and knowledgeable. Using this extension, you will be able to quickly search, allow, disable, or delete the extensions you want without the clutter.

11. StoryXpress

Rating – 4

StoryXpress Recorder is a chrome extension to record quick screen or webcam videos right from Your Browser. Be it your sales or marketing team, with quick video messages, you can reduce the load of texts, emails & lengthy conversation threads.

Sales representatives can pitch their product/services to clients with personalized video messages and marketers can record presentations, share the link on Social Media & Emails, download them offline & track the performance through video analytics.

Not just a screen recording tool, StoryXpress is packed with features like uploading pre-recorded videos, branded video player, heatmap powered video analytics, thumbnail A/B testing, In-video CTAs, banners, and lead forms that make video creation a cakewalk for everyone.

12. Markup Hero

Markup hero

Are you TIRED of sending screenshots via email, between coworkers who use a MILLION different devices, only to LOSE them? Frustrated by the endless back-and-forth as you desperately try to convey your ideas or feedback?

Say goodbye to lengthy text explanations as visual descriptions convey issues, ideas, and workflows with ease. Revolutionize your workflow with cloud-based annotated screenshots. Seamlessly collaborate, anytime and anywhere, thanks to cloud storage. Embrace the power of innovation and streamline communication like never before!

Markup Hero is the ultimate productivity booster for sales and marketing professionals. Annotate screenshots, images, and PDFs effortlessly, making presentations more engaging. Collaborate easily and streamline feedback loops with instant sharing. Elevate your sales and marketing with Markup Hero, the must-have Chrome extension for impactful visual stories.

13. Zight Screen Recorder

Rating – 4.5

Zight screen recorder helps sales professionals to speed up the sales cycle and increase the chances of a lead becoming a customer by using pre-recorded demo videos, GIFs and screenshots. You can communicate complex ideas in seconds using a quick video, or pick out a section of that video, turn it into a GIF and share quickly with your prospects.

Zight’s screen recorder comes with an extensive range of features including the ability to edit a recording or add annotations into the video to communicate your point faster.

In addition, you can personalize your screen recordings and product demos by adding your face to the pitch – simply turn on your webcam while doing the recording and your video automatically gets the human touch.

Take Your Productivity To the Next Level

When you start experimenting with these Chrome extensions, you will be surprised by the ease these extensions will bring to your daily tasks. Some of the Chrome extensions mentioned would also have alternative extensions that you may download. You may also be using tools that have extensions that will improve your productivity. If you are thinking of where to start from, start with prospecting tools.