5 Steps to Grow Your Staffing Firm

5 Steps to Grow Your Staffing Firm

In response to the rise of remote work, the ease of recruiting “just-in-time” short-term workers, and the lack of the right talent, businesses’ labor strategies are undergoing a seismic transformation. As a result of this transformation, companies in the staffing and recruitment industry face both challenges and opportunities.

Between 2019 and early 2020, We saw record low unemployment rates (3.5%) that had not been seen in four decades. Then, with the global COVID-19 epidemic, the pendulum turned, and unemployment hit an all-time high of 14.8%, which had not been seen in six decades. So, how does this affect recruiters? For a small scale, it implies a significant shift in the supply-demand balance.

The demands of customers are shifting. AI-powered businesses, gig-economy platforms, and IT giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are all-new competition for employment firms. So, when the competition is increasing, here are five steps you should take to grow your staffing firm in the saturated market.

1. Invest in Technology

Staffing sector technological advancements can save you a lot of time and money, allowing your team to focus on networking, outreach, and other duties that require a personal touch.

To begin, ensure that you have a good relationship management system in place to help you streamline your job advertisements, candidate sourcing, and application monitoring. An effective strategy can save your recruiters hours each week, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the process.

You can also utilize chatbots or artificial intelligence (AI) to do some preliminary research and answer questions. These programs can perform a skills evaluation and gather employment data for you after the first setup. You will free up your talented personnel to do more productive (and profitable) work by pulling these repetitive duties from them.


2. Use Sales Intelligence Platform

Sales intelligence platforms, like SalesIntel, take the guesswork out of recruiting.

Are the candidates you are after also looking actively for you? You can’t expect the greatest talent to come to you in today’s tight labor market. Recruiters may target their recruitment efforts by identifying the right people at the right organizations using enhanced contact and company data.

You can check for titles, responsibilities, contact information, company data, technologies used, and organizational structure using SalesIntel, ensuring that your efforts are always directed towards the correct individuals.

You need to take a multichannel approach to outreach to contact applicants wherever they are. You’ll get higher response rates, better engagement, and a faster recruitment process if you use verified email addresses, direct telephone numbers, and links to LinkedIn profiles.

With the most up-to-date contact and company information, you can craft better strategic follow-up communications and deliver them to the relevant individuals using the right channels. This helps recruiters and staffing firms to stand out in a crowded market.

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3. Target Recently Funded Companies

The first step in generating excellent leads for any organization is to identify your ideal customer profile or which kind of businesses are most likely to do business with you.

Startups who have lately raised funds will be the ones wanting to make big moves. The next step for many entrepreneurs is to grow their business into new geographies or extend their operations.

As a result, these businesses will need to hire additional technical and non-technical personnel immediately.

You can use SalesIntel as it allows you to discover if target companies got funding and identify the right decision-makers in those businesses. The next step is to reach out to these decision-makers using email marketing or direct work mobile numbers.


4. Track Companies That Are Actively Hiring

Companies that are actively hiring are already letting you know that they are looking for new employees. The only difference now is determining which businesses want to outsource their hiring and which prefer to conduct it in-house.

Using industry and location as qualification criteria, you may always improve your targeting of these organizations.

Furthermore, you can focus on organizations hiring for positions that your staffing firm is qualified to fill. Some staffing firms specialize in IT jobs, while others specialize in manufacturing jobs. As a result, you may narrow down your ideal consumer profile and target the right organizations for your business based on your company experience.

SalesIntel makes it easier for you to identify the companies that are actively hiring candidates. Recruiters can filter and view results using intent data points. Intent data not only helps you find ideal candidates and companies but also shares the right time to reach them.

So, start identifying your priority leads and shorten your sales cycle.

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5. Identify and Reach Your Ideal Clients

Identifying your target client is the first step in creating a repeatable sales process. Clients with whom you can create quick placements are your ideal clients to grow your agency. For that, you need to start building your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Here are some questions to ask when looking for your ideal client:

  • In the last two years, who was my most profitable clients?
  • What are your highest-earning clients’ firm sizes, regions, industries, and buyer demographics?
  • What buyer personas were involved?

Determine who your high-profit clients’ buyer personas are. Make a list of the people involved in your sales process, including their job titles, age, educational background, and gender.

Focus your marketing, sales, and partnership efforts on getting in front of firms and buyer personas who suit your target client’s description. Concentrate your efforts on the businesses that your company is already successful at selling to and recruiting for.

SalesIntel lets you search your ideal prospects from millions of human-verified data based on your ICP. You can filter the data that matches your ICP based on the company size, annual revenue, location, and more.

All You Need Is…

… to leverage the right data to reach the right candidate at the right time.

The problem currently is that there is so much information available. In certain circumstances, it’s too much. You have access to a variety of services, including LinkedIn, Google searches, and company websites.

Leveraging the right human-verified data can set the right foundation for your recruiting program’s success. Accurate data, when used correctly, can lead to increased efficiency and strategic recruiting decisions.

If you own a staffing firm and want to learn how data can turn the tables for your business, schedule a demo. You will discover more about how we can assist you in finding high-quality candidates.

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