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Use firmographic & technographic data to drive your ABM initiatives

Develop your ideal customer profile using a powerful combination of firmographic, technographic and behavioral data points across more than 60,000 US-based companies.

Filter and target based off of company metrics such as employee count, annual revenue, top-level executive information, technologies in use and more to create customized campaigns targeting the right contacts, from the right companies, at the right time. Let SalesIntel be the blueprint for your Account-Based Marketing initiatives.

Weave your ABM strategy around your buyer personas

With reliable demographic and psychographic data at your fingertips, you’ll always know exactly who they are, where they are, why they’re a high priority target for your offering and surface the right content to drive engagement. Tap their profiles on LinkedIn using SalesIntel, filter based on interests, tastes, what solutions they are evaluating and seamlessly export your contact data directly to your CRM, marketing automation or sales enablement platform for segmentation and targeted outreach.

Your SalesIntel data is exactly where you need it

Export relevant contact data directly to Salesforce, HubSpot, and SalesLoft, or simply download it in a CSV format. Craft personalized strategies for your target accounts that speak to their unique needs and pain points. Equipped with SalesIntel’s powerful buyer insights, you’ll be well prepared to implement your targeted, multi-channel, ABM campaigns.

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Sales Development

Never worry about how you're going to fill the funnel for your sales team again. Drive productivity and grow revenue by allowing your salespeople to focus on what they need to, namely selling.

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Improve your pipeline, forecasting, and revenue growth with reliable data for your outreach. SalesIntel keeps your data clean, accurate, and reliable.

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In today's tight job market recruiting quality talent is more difficult and more important than ever. Salesintel gives you the insights you need to reach out to your ideal candidates before they even know they're looking.