Recap: Why 60% of Salespeople Struggle to Create Momentum

Why 60% of _Salespeople Struggle _to Create Momentum

Keeping the momentum after the first call is key to closing in a virtual sales world.

But while 90% of today’s sales happen in virtual mediums, nearly 60% of salespeople are still struggling to create momentum after the first call and throughout the sales cycle.

The culprit? Friction in the sales process.

In this webinar, Skaled CEO, Jake Dunlap, SalesIntel’s VP of Sales, Brad Hainer, and Mediafly’s EVP, Todd Abbott (Former CEO of InsightSquared) are sharing their secrets on how salespeople can drive momentum and remove friction for both sellers and the buyer.

Time is the ultimate killer of deals, so join us to learn how you can plow through sales cycle bottlenecks and keep the momentum going from the first call to closed-won.

If a loss of momentum is dragging out your timeline or killing deals, here are three reasons to join:

  • Gain tactical strategies for offloading tedious time-killers in ops and outreach
  • Build up your personalization skills to grab your buyer’s attention at every touchpoint
  • Learn how to create energy and excitement for you and your buyer throughout the entire sales cycle to keep deals moving

Meet the Presenters

Guest Speaker-Richard Lowden (1)

Jake Dunlap


Jake Dunlap consistently designs repeatable, sustainable sales models and processes that outperform industry standards. As the Founder + CEO of Skaled Consulting, Jake helps executives around the world accelerate business growth with data-backed sales solutions. Before building Skaled, he held the roles of VP of Sales at Nowait (acquired by Yelp), Head of Sales + Customer Success at Chartbeat, and VP of Sales at Glassdoor (acquired by Recruit Holdings for $1.2 billion dollars in 2018).

Guest Speaker

Todd Abbott


Todd Abbott is on a mission to extend the tenure of CROs by improving forecast accuracy and delivering deep analytics and insights that pinpoint exactly where and how revenue teams can improve execution. Abbott joined Mediafly through the acquisition of InsightSquared, where he served as CEO. His experience spans three decades and includes leading go-to-market teams at multinational corporations including Mitel, Cisco, Seagate, and Avaya. Abbott’s well regarded for building strong relationships with customers and partners, as well as tight alignment across all revenue-impacting roles.

SalesIntel Speaker

Brad Hainer


Brad has demonstrated sales and leadership success across multiple industries through a strong focus on team building, consultative selling, strategic planning, and problem resolution. Brad has proven no hurdle is too big to overcome. Love of life and laughter and a passion for sales and business operations leads to a simple core belief; being humble and engaging through knowledge sharing and empowerment results in more good decisions more often and sets the path toward organization-wide success.