Webinar Recap: Turn Account Engagement into ABM Sales Insight

Webinar Recap - Turn Account Engagement into ABM Sales Insight

SalesIntel.io and Kwanzoo recently presented on how to turn your account engagement into Account Based Marketing sales.

Below you can view the webinar recording and slide deck used.

In this recap webinar you will learn:

  • How prospecting and up-selling into large enterprises has changed with the rise of digital, and account-based marketing (ABM) & retargeting
  • How the B2B buying process has changed in the past year
  • Why you need to source data and engage all the people in your buying groups
  • Why it’s time to think beyond leads and form fills and focus on engagement insights
  • Which accounts and buyers that sales needs to prioritize for outreach every day
  • How to arm your SDRs and Sales teams with key insights and data,
  • How to streamline the whole process with the right ABM data and tools to drive more deals

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