Recap: The Next Evolution of the Sales Process

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Successful leaders know having quality data is key, but you also need great ops and processes that help you hit your quota consistently. Anything that can be done to make it smoother directly impacts your ability to win.

We’ll be unpacking SalesFuel’s Voice of the Buyer study which uncovers how purchase decisions are made in B2B organizations. Make sure you save your seat to learn what the next evolution of sales processes looks like.

Join this study review to learn more about:

  • Access to the Voice of the Buyer study
  • Buyer behavior: before and during the sales process
  • Key ingredients for the next evolution sales process
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Meet the Presenters

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C. Lee Smith


C. Lee Smith is one of the country’s foremost experts on developing high-performing sales teams and a groundbreaking thought leader on sales credibility. A Certified Behavioral Analyst, he has more than 30 years of experience in sales and sales management. He created SalesCred™, as well as AdMall®, the nation’s leading provider of consultative sales intelligence, and TeamTrait™, which uses psychometric assessments to identify high-potential sales candidates and evaluate an organization’s current team strengths, weaknesses, and job fit.

Lee is the author of “SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers” and “Hire Smarter, Sell More!”, a dynamic keynote speaker, C-Suite Network Advisor, and co-host of the Manage Smarter™ podcast. He is named one of Selling Power Magazine’s Leading Sales Consultants for 2022 and SalesFuel is one of Selling Power’s Top Sales Enablement Vendors for 2022 as well.

SalesIntel Speaker (2)

David Reed


David has over a decade of sales B2B SaaS startup experience with half his time spent in sales leadership. Combining his passion for winning alongside his determination for success, he has become an essential contributor to the evolution of this company and its continued growth.

David joined SalesIntel in 2020 as a Sr. Director helping account executives with strategies and opportunities, and crush quotas. During his time as an individual contributor David generated over $10,000,000.00, and he has solidified himself as a nationally recognized speaker and subject matter expert in the field of digital marketing.