Webinar Recap: How to Intelligently Use ABM to Enter a New Customer Market

5 Ways to Make Sales Easier

In this recap of the webinar presented yesterday by SalesIntel’s CEO, Manoj Ramnani and Mintigo’s Vice President of Marketing, Nida Chughtai, you’ll learn the following: 

  • Historical challenges of expanding into a new market
  • Techniques to identify new accounts more likely to convert 
  • Using intent data to get a better understanding of your expanded audience’s needs 
  • Identifying the right people in the buying group to immediately engage 
  • How to surface the correct buyer in marketing automation and CRM  

Whether you’re launching a new offering or expanding to a new region, going to market is a massive undertaking. If done intelligently, your business can see rapid revenue growth from accounts customers that were previously outside of your prospect universe.

Many B2B marketing and sales teams have found success in executing account-based marketing strategies to rapidly reach a new customer base. But finding the right contacts at the right companies in a new market can be challenging when these teams don’t have access to the types of insights that would allow them to make data-driven decisions around who to target with their ABM campaigns. 

 See how AI-driven insights and comprehensive contact databases can be used to identify your ideal accounts and contacts that are part of the buying committee in a new market.


Meet the Presenters


Nida Chughtai


Nida leads the marketing efforts here at Mintigo. She brings over a decade of experience running marketing programs, managing marketing operations, and driving growth at SaaS and technology companies. Prior to her current role, she managed marketing operations at Neustar, where she was a Mintigo customer and practitioner. She is passionate about helping companies successfully implement predictive in their systems and workflows, measuring and analyzing results, and enabling marketers and sellers to drive more business with predictive insights derived from AI.


Manoj Ramnani


Manoj is a graduate of George Washington University’s business school with a degree in Management of Information Systems. He also actively serves as a board member for Duo Education, Center for Advanced Orthopedics (CAO), GymGO and Mobile Spectrum.

Manoj is the Founder and CEO of SalesIntel, a company committed to providing the highest quality B2B contact data on the market. SalesIntel’s research team hand-verifies every contact to ensure 95% accuracy on data. As the CEO, Manoj drives the strategic vision of SalesIntel, establishes and fosters key partnerships, and is building out the executive team that will make SalesIntel the leader of the data sector.