Recap: An ABM Strategy You Can Steal

An ABM Strategy You Can Steal

Tired of trying to create an ABM strategy that will work for you? Steal a strategy we used with one of our clients.

If you have ever tried to execute ABM, you know it’s a bit complex. Getting marketing and sales brings its own challenges. Add in that you have to create highly personalized content, marketing channels, and target account engagement, it’s a headache to know what may actually work.

That’s why we are walking through one of the successful campaigns we ran with a client in 2021 to show you the exact strategy, tactics, and results.


  • Increase Revenue, Pipeline Velocity, and Average Customer Lifetime Value
  • Create A Pilot ABM Campaign
  • Understand the Role of Different ABM Tactics
  • Learn How to Create a Target Account List
  • Create Internal Alignment
  • Answer Your Biggest ABM Questions


Here’s what you’ll learn:

Picking Target Accounts

The success of your ABM campaign and strategy relies heavily on the creation of your target account list. Walk away with a practical thought process for creating a target account list.
Practical ABM Strategy

Leave with an actionable plan you can use to create and launch your ABM pilot campaign. Keep the tactics you like the most and explore incorporating new ideas.

SalesIntel Account List Creation

During this training, Raj and Mason alk through how to leverage SalesIntel to create a target account list and layer on intent data for target account list creation.

Meet the Presenters

Mason Cosby

Mason Cosby

Mojo Media Labs

Mason is obsessed with constantly experimenting to see what will help B2B companies achieve ridiculous results. Serving as the dedicated marketer of Mojo Media Labs (yes, he markets marketers), he ensures Mojo Media Labs are constantly optimizing their marketing efforts and practicing what they preach to clients.

Raj Khera

Raj Khera


Raj Khera is a proven B2B SaaS leader for innovative go-to-market strategy and execution. Leveraging his experiences as a 3 time CMO, Raj works with rapidly growing B2B companies to equip them with actionable data to fuel growth.