About StartingPoint

StartingPoint is the platform to provide everything after you close a new customer. StartingPoint is a SaaS customer operations and experience platform for service-based companies and teams that can be deployed and customized in one hour and no actions take more than five clicks. StartingPoint solves the challenge of companies that use multiple solutions to service and provide visibility to their customers.


Use Cases


Customer On-Boarding

A critical component to retaining your customers is making their first experience the best. StartingPoint helps manage the process of on-boarding your customers through StartingPoint to manage expectations and ensure delivery.


Customer Project Management

Your customers selected your company to complete tasks. StartingPoint helps manage your customer’s projects, your team’s projects, and provide your customers visibility to keep everyone aware of your delivery progress.


Customer Service and Support

Your customers have questions and your customers need help and assistance. StartingPoint provides your customers with a streamlined way to receive help, service, and support through an interface that looks like your company.


Team Management and Visibility

Your customer’s experience is driven by your team and their success. StartingPoint allows you to manage your team, assign tasks, review progress, and be aware of your customer’s needs before they contact you. Manage your team to success.

Our partners

We believe in better data, better service, and better accessibility for all our clients. We take pride in partnering with enterprises who help us fulfill our principle of offering data on the terms that best help you fulfill your growth and revenue potential.

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