What Does Printing for Less (PFL) Do?

PFL is a marketing technology company providing software solutions that help brands use digital intent signals to inform the content and timing of their tactile marketing to improve the ROI of their entire marketing spend. PFL connects sophisticated marketing professionals to the automation solutions that deliver remarkable brand experiences.

The company is co-headquartered in Livingston, Montana and Indianapolis, Indiana.




Accelerate the Sales Funnel

Speed prospects through any stage of the sales funnel by using sales data to tailor the timing, message, and contents of your direct mail to be relevant. Direct mail door openers, re-engagement, meeting makers, and deal closers all become remarkable brand moments when you target them to your audience’s interests.


Increase Event Engagement

Whether your event is virtual or in-person, drive attendance and engagement in an attention-grabbing way. Trigger the right piece of mail based on any data point (ICP or non-ICP, prospect or customer, attended or didn’t attend, etc.) to ensure your event stands out and your brand is memorable.


Capture Preferred Addresses

No matter what your use case is for direct mail, it has to reach your contacts to be effective. Using Preferred Address Capture, you get a seamless, multichannel customer journey that automates the fulfillment of direct mail right to a contact’s door. You can even let contacts pick which item they prefer!


Retain Customers

Satisfied customers mean more sales. Whether it’s for onboarding, loyalty campaigns, renewal reminders, referral programs, or any other retention strategy, direct mail can improve the entire customer experience and foster brand loyalty. Automation and customer data let you trigger the right piece of content at the right time in the cycle.

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The power of Buyer Intent Data in your sales and marketing strategy

5 Clichés About B2B Contact Data That You Should Avoid

The power of Buyer Intent Data in your sales and marketing strategy


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