Ebook – How to Pick the Best B2B Contact Data Provider



Data firms abound, but are they truly data companies? Every corporate website you visit and email you read promises to be “informed by data,” “data-inspired,” or “data-optimized.” Overuse of buzzwords dilutes the (data) power of the word and creates misunderstandings.

In a data-obsessed society, it may be difficult to distinguish between who is genuine and who is simply changing the meaning of data to meet the value proposition of their product. Many self-proclaimed data-driven organizations are attempting to address this vital demand, but the issue is, are they doing it correctly? Are they dedicated to data collection and study, or are they reacting to a trend?

GTM, ABM, and Omnichannel are only fancy names if not fueled by appropriate data on the backend. But when companies go out to buy data for their sales and marketing engine, they have little idea what kind of data they need, how much it costs, or who the trusted vendors are. 

This ebook will help you navigate the process of buying B2B data by introducing key considerations, the types of B2B data, including their vendors, and the pitfalls you should avoid. 

By the end, you will be an informed buyer who can confidently find the right solution and negotiate the best deal for yourself.


Chapter 1: Working Around the Basic Parameters 

Chapter 2: Will You Choose Bigger Brand Or Data Accuracy?

Chapter 3: Be(a)ware of Shady Contracts

Chapter 4: Switching Data Partners is Easy

Chapter 5: Why Salesintel Has Become A Go-To Data Provider

Choose Only the Best