We’re Launching SalesIntel with 1 Million Human-Verified B2B Contacts

We’re Launching SalesIntel with 1 Million Human-Verified B2B Contacts

I am thrilled to share with you the launch of SalesIntel, my new venture. After spending a decade in the sales and marketing space, I realized high quality and affordable B2B contact data for sales professionals was missing.

The trend for data providers in the past was to use web scraping and automation to build as large of a database as possible. The problem with those strategies was that you got a lot of poor data, as the quality at scale was never more than 70% accurate. At SalesIntel, we’re taking a different path.

At SalesIntel we are committed to providing the highest quality (95%+) B2B contact data on the market. We deliver this level of accuracy by combining the power of our proprietary technology with our world-class research team.

My team and I started this journey 6 months ago with the mission to make sales professionals’ lives easier. We realize that salespeople shoulder the most important responsibility for the existence and growth of their organizations, namely, revenue growth. Our goal is to make sure we make their lives easier by providing them with the highest quality data on the market.

We at SalesIntel are proud to be launching the solution that provides an effective and affordable platform for Sales professionals to gather the prospecting data they need to close deals.

We are just getting started but already have over 1M human verified B2B contacts. Our research and product team are also working round the clock to bring new features and more data to further enrich the platform. I will be sharing those details in the coming weeks.

Today we released the beta version of the product. I would welcome an opportunity to talk to you and get feedback on the SalesIntel platform: www.salesintel2.flywheelstaging.com/

Thanks for all your support!


Manoj Ramnani