Welcome to SalesIntel

Welcome to SalesIntel

My name is Manoj Ramnani. I am thrilled to share with you the launch of SalesIntel, my new venture. After spending a decade in the sales and marketing space I realized the lack of a high quality and affordable Sales Intelligence Platform for sales professionals was missing, especially in the SMB space.

The trend for data providers in the past was to use machine learning and automation to build as big of a database as possible. The problem was that data was usually never more than 80% accurate. At SalesIntel, we’re taking a different path. Every single record we offer has been hand verified by our team of researchers and since we reverify records every 90 days we can guarantee 95% accurate data.

My team and I started this journey 6 months ago with the mission to make sales professionals’ lives easier. We realize that salespeople shoulder the most important responsibility for the existence and growth of their organizations, namely, revenue growth. Our goal is to make sure we make their lives easier by providing them with the highest quality data on the market.

Currently, low quality data can come from mistakes made in manual data entry. It can come from buying lists that haven’t been properly vetted are made of scraped data internet. Old data can accidentally be re-synced to the system and more.

After that data gets in the system, you lose $8 every time your sales team calls the wrong number. The cost of acquisition for an appointment goes up $170 from $320 to $490.

Sales professionals runs into other problems as well. To find more accurate data and prospects, sales reps have to spend 6 hours a week on average prospecting on LinkedIn.

When they do start a conversation, sales reps lack the contact information to easily include and reach out to everyone involved at an account. Each business decision involves 7 buyers on average, but at least info for two of those contacts is expected to be wrong on average. Inaccurate data doesn’t only cost the cost of acquiring the data. It costs your sales team time, profit, and can slow down deals.

We at SalesIntel are proud to be launching the solution that provides an effective and affordable platform for Sales professionals to gather the lead and prospecting data they need to close deals.

We are just getting started but already have 1M hand verified B2B contacts. We have another 30M records that our team is verifying 100K new records a week and growing. So if there are accounts we haven’t already verified let me know and we can move those to the front of our queue. Our research and product team are also working round the clock to bring new features and data to further enrich the platform. I will be sharing those in coming weeks.

Today we released the beta version of the product. I would welcome a chance for you to try and give feedback on the SalesIntel platform: https://salesintel.io/.

Thank you for all your support!