5 Proven Tactics to Generate Better Quality Leads

5 Proven Tactics to Generate Better Quality Leads

Prospecting for business-to-business leads is the single most essential task that sales and marketing teams perform every day. The more leads you create, the more likely you are to earn and expand sales income.

Many organizations are continually challenged to develop innovative strategies for leads in a highly competitive business environment.

A clear understanding of the distinction between MQLs and SQLs, as well as a smooth transition of leads from marketing into sales as they travel through your funnel, are essential to achieving your revenue target. Those that drop the ball risk losing their leads to their opponents.

In this article, you will learn how to combine modern (technology) with timeless (traditional sales theory) to generate qualified leads for your business.

Deploy Marketing Automation

Marketing automation gathers data and uses it to minimize your efforts while strategizing your lead generation campaigns and their qualification.

It’s estimated that 70% of buyers completely describe their demands before engaging with a vendor, and 44% identify specific solutions before reaching out. As a result, you’ll need to reach out to prospects proactively to influence the sales discussion. Unless you intervene, they’ll decide without consulting you, and they may choose a competitor.

For example, you may use Buyer Intent Data to discover what topics leads are researching. Or, how long it took them to fill out the form after landing on your website with HubSpot CRM’s tracking tools. You can use this information to help you plan your next steps.

Not every automation tool will add value to your smarketing. Although a CRM platform is often the first investment in sales technologies, marketing automation is near second. It’s still a big financial undertaking. So, choose your marketing automation tools wisely.


Apply Focused Segmentation and Personalization

To define the target segmentation, marketers have traditionally relied on diverse data, such as demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data. However, not all types of data will work in this situation. Other data sources may tell you a lot more about a customer, such as firmographic and technographic data sources.

Firmographic-based segmentation helps marketing and sales managers have a better understanding of organizations and ultimately build more targeted and profitable promotional efforts. You’re able to focus only on companies that fit your ideal prospect profile.

B2B marketers often profit from technographic segmentation. Technographic data, knowledge of a lead’s tech stack, may be used to construct prospect profiles, identify pain areas, and enhance personalized marketing efforts. For many organizations, regardless of their sector, their technology stack is the engine that propels them forward.


Put the Power of Forms to Work

On your website, a registration form is a traditional way to generate qualified leads. Contact forms make it feasible for visitors to sign up for an ebook, make an appointment, or request a demo. How you put out your contact form on your site, on the other hand, has a big impact on whether or not users actually want to “submit” the form.

A signup form is designed to allow your prospects to contact you for further information or a product or service demonstration. The ideal approach is to ask for limited information such as name and email address. You may want to ask for a phone number, based on your buying cycle and whether or not you have gained their confidence, but each extra field decreases your form conversion rate.

As a marketer, you can’t ignore the reality that extra data helps you understand more about your prospects and empowers you to have better interactions. By using data enrichment, you may obtain additional information about your leads without adding any additional fields to your contact form.


Create Content for All Stages of the Buying Cycle

Since customers are more knowledgeable and more empowered than ever before, it’s vital to fully understand your buyer persona and the journey they make so you can develop content that assists them while establishing you as an authority in your field.

You can build a content strategy using Buyer Intent Data that fits what your ideal consumers are looking for at each step of their purchase cycle. Even while numerous SEO tools may help you identify the most popular keywords and current subjects, adding Intent Data will offer you a whole new layer of information to enhance your messaging for each step of the funnel.

By creating the right content at the right stage, you will be able to have more qualified leads. 


Focus on Smart Prospecting

B2B sales prospecting is changing as consumers have greater access to information than ever before and can examine every potential characteristic and benefit before making a final decision. Marketers and sales professionals are shifting from cold prospecting to data-driven prospecting. If you want to gain a better knowledge of potential consumers, personalize your follow-ups with data or utilize behavioral analytics to discover the most devoted leads. Customization and relevance are important.

Some sales teams have quickly adapted to a digital selling environment, while others have not. It’s the same every time there is a significant change in how sales get done. Email automation, social selling, and now digital selling all follow the same trend.

Data has become an integral part of prospecting. If you want to reach the appropriate decision-makers at the right moment, you need reliable B2B data.

For instance, if you use email marketing, combining old-school marketing with new-age automation to drive revenue is by far the best way to drive more conversions.

SalesIntel gives you access to millions of human-verified data points, as well as the largest number of direct dial numbers for the decision-makers. Our data is re-verified every 90 days to guarantee that you always reach your lead.


Generating Qualified Leads Means Generating Revenue

A continuous flow of qualified leads sets the path for revenue generation. There has never been a better moment to re-evaluate and re-set your company plan.