Join Call Camp: The #1 Webinar for Sales Training

Join Call Camp: The #1 Webinar for Sales Training

Tired of hearing sales ‘experts’ talk about what works in theory? We are too. The best way to learn is by listening to the actual conversations – not role playing.

Call Camp™ is the only webinar series that breaks down real sales calls like game tape. It’s a monthly free sales coaching webinar, packed with practical advice that goes way beyond the 101 stuff.

Call Camp™ is for sales reps, managers, and leaders who want to improve their call conversion rates, book more first meetings, have a fatter sales pipeline, increase win rates, get cold call sales techniques, and squash churn.

Join the Call Camp™ movement with former sales coach, Steve Richard, as he dissects REAL sales and client calls – to understand what works, what doesn’t, and discover ways you can improve your own results immediately.

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  • Listen to live analysis of REAL calls made by your peers
  • Learn how to use pitch, pace, and tone effectively
  • Identify subtle cues and buying signals
  • Overcome objections like a pro
  • Pique interest with tried-and-true techniques
  • Master the art of effective communication

Your Call Coach: Steve Richards

Armed with more sales knowledge in his pinky toe than most veteran teams – Steve’s passion, mission, and life’s work is to help sales professionals become wildly successful. He knows firsthand how much the quality of conversations matter, yet the profession of B2B sales largely misses the mark on teaching reps how to have great conversations. With over a decade of experience as a sales trainer, Steve will show you firsthand strategies and techniques that work.

Steve has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, The Washington Business Journal, The Washington Post, CNN/Money and is a guest contributor on CNBC. He has also been named one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Inside Sales by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and four children. Together, the family enjoys jogging, skiing, scuba diving, camping and checking out the museums and dining options in the DC area.