Introducing VisitorIntel: Website Visitor Intelligence from SalesIntel

Introducing VisitorIntel: Website Visitor Intelligence from SalesIntel

Every business talks about making “data-driven decisions.” And every business may define “data-driven” slightly differently, or at least use slightly different data. 

With data coming at you from every angle, you know that your data provider needs to ensure that data is useful – for everyone on your team. 

If you’re a marketer, you need a way to identify your ideal customer profile (ICP) easily. This way you can focus on companies that meet your unique criteria for what makes a good customer.

If you’re a sales leader, your team needs access to the full buying center to know who works at each company. Most importantly, get those coveted emails and mobile numbers to reach your prospects consistently.

If you’re a GTM leader, you know that your team needs more than this. Of course, they need firmographic data and of course, they need emails and mobiles. 

Having a list of companies, people, and emails is a great starting point, but what happens when your list is in the tens of thousands? Do you start by revenue? Or location? Or alphabetically?

The answer lies in intent data, which helps your team prioritize their time. 

There are thousands of intent signals available. We at SalesIntel partner with Bombora to bring you buying intent, and we recently launched our own PredictiveIntent.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our intent suite: VisitorIntel – SalesIntel’s website visitor intelligence tool.

How does VisitorIntel work?

With VisitorIntel, your teams can:

  • See which accounts visit your website: Identify which companies visit your site and target them with the right message at the right time. 
  • Focus on your ICP: Use SalesIntel’s detailed firmographic and technographic filters to narrow your list of website visitors to the accounts that meet your unique ICP criteria.
  • Work smarter: Arm your sales team and tailor your retargeting campaigns toward accounts visiting your website.

We’re proud to bring together company, contact, AND intent data in one platform AND help you understand how to use it all to reach your goals.


So whether you want to use SalesIntel’s intent suite to identify website visitors, stay up-to-date on the latest news about your prospects, or steal your competitors’ leads – we’ve got data for that.

Happy prospecting!

To learn more about using intent data alongside your firmographic and technographic data,