How to Crack the Gatekeeper’s No More Questions Code

How to Crack the Gatekeeper’s No More Questions Code

Gatekeepers are excellent information sources if you crack the gatekeepers no more questions code and know how to ask for it the right way. For example, if you deal with a switchboard operator, you do not identify yourself by name and company name. 

Call a switchboard and say, “Hi, I’m calling to confirm the spelling of a name for [person’s name].” Then you say, “How do you spell that last name?” You are making a concrete request. They look it up in the directory. The likelihood of them giving you reporting structure, direct lines, those kinds of things are much higher. 

You might also contact someone who is aiding the decision-maker. Convincing them to pass you along, on the other hand, takes as much time as convincing the decision-maker to learn more about your product or service. When dealing with an executive assistant, you identify yourself by name and company name. However, passing them, too, is not a cakewalk. So, what do you do when you are dealing with an executive assistant? If you can’t get past an executive assistant or a switchboard, what do you do?

Use Direct Dials to Avoid Switchboards

If you call a company’s switchboard and ask for a decision-maker from high management, the gatekeeper will likely refuse you access. It takes an average of 22 minutes to connect when using switchboard numbers, but just five minutes using direct dial numbers.

How to Crack The Gatekeeper's No More Questions Code

Work mobile numbers can assist you and your sales team with achieving four significant objectives:

Fastrack Reaching Higher-Level Decision Makers

Decision-Makers (DM) power all essential sales operations. Contacting and efficiently converting DMs is crucial to the whole sales cycle. When sales reps have trustworthy work mobile numbers, they become confident that they will be able to rapidly target and contact decision-makers or higher authorities without wasting time through cracking the gatekeepers. As a result, sales representatives are more likely to interact with key decision-makers.

Overcome the Call Reluctance

Selling to B2B companies is not only about working hard. It’s equally about working smart and staying motivated. The lack of motivation is known as Sales Call Hesitation, where there is a psychological hesitancy to make calls.

Work mobile numbers connect reps faster and more reliably, giving them real-time rewards for their efforts and increasing motivation in a positive feedback loop. No more feeling like they’re wasting their time on wrong numbers or gatekeepers.

Higher ROI

Work mobile numbers directly influence the time it takes to identify and reach decision-makers. Sales representatives utilize fewer resources in terms of calling time and managing numerous channels to pursue and convert decision-makers. It’s worse when salespeople lack reliable data (such as confirmed email addresses) and must spend time finding the information needed to reach out via alternative channels. 

Each of these factors contributes to a considerable reduction in lead acquisition expenses. Because work mobile numbers fulfill sales objectives more quickly, they can spend more time growing the sales funnel by reaching out to more prospects.

Sales Enablement and Training Made Easier

Training and sales enablement is essential and ongoing component of sales operations. This is especially crucial for salespeople who are new to the organization and must go through a comprehensive learning process. 

With work mobile numbers, sales managers and leaders can focus more on their pitch and qualification process and spend less time and attention training on how to work around not getting a DM on the phone. More time spent training on pitching and less time learning other methods equal a shorter ramp time and fewer resources required for training.

How to Find Direct Dials

Learning how to get direct-dial phone numbers is one of the keys to good prospecting. With the development of cracking the gatekeepers and data protection, getting direct dials is frequently easier said than done. But, it is worthwhile to make an effort to locate them.

The traditional method of obtaining numbers is instructing your sales staff to play treasure hunter on various platforms and websites, which affects the time spent phoning and pitching DMs. Worse, when they locate phone numbers, they are seldom direct dial numbers and even less frequently work mobile numbers.

Many firms, however, have recognized the inefficiencies of manually searching for phone numbers and have begun partnering with a data provider that can speed up and streamline the process.

SalesIntel provides the most human-verified work mobile number coverage on the market, with the highest number of work mobile-dials in the industry. In addition, our research team re-verifies mobile dials every 90 days to assure data accuracy. The most significant part is that you don’t have to pay any additional fees to access them because SalesIntel’s whole dataset is available to all clients.

Why Use SalesIntel’s Direct-Dials

There is a lot that goes into delivering such high-accuracy direct dials. However, here’s a summarized study that proves the effectiveness of SalesIntel’s direct dials. 

ScaleX performed a controlled experiment in which they attempted to contact 100+ C-level executives using switchboards, direct dials, and cell phones to assess their efficacy, and the results are rather striking.

Results obtained for each of the dialing methods are as follows: 

How to Crack the Gatekeeper's 'No More Questions' Code

1. Dialing to switchboard numbers 
  • It took 53 calls to make 1 connection. 
  • Switchboard Dial to Connect Ratio (DCR) – 59:1
2. Dialing to direct dial numbers (Direct Desk Phones)
  • It took 73 dials to make 1 conversation. 
  • Direct-dial DCR – 73:1
3. Dialing to mobile numbers (office)
  • They dialed 49 numbers and had 5 conversations. 
  • Mobile number DCR – 10:1

Our customers can confidently plan their day knowing they will reach their prospects directly. And, in all respects, SalesIntel is a full-funnel solution. You may use it for comprehensive email campaigns, hyper-targeted ABM, VistiorIntel retargeting, or any other use case. However, you can always count on having a direct connection to your prospects. That’s all a successful salesperson need.

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