Hear SalesIntel CEO, Manoj Ramnani, Speak at SaaS Connect

Talk Title: The Journey to Success is Never a Straight Line

Time: 3:30 pm Tuesday, March 26

Speaker: Manoj Ramnani, SalesIntel CEO

Details: In hindsight, we tend to turn successes into narratives of inevitable accomplishment. You started out and only kept climbing.

But that’s not the reality. I’ll be sharing my story of how I started with a fantastic idea, failed spectacularly, and learned my lessons and found success down the road.

We’ll cover experiences of failure that led to positive changes such as:

  • Picking the wrong team and partners
  • Discovering pivots are expensive
  • Realizing when not to raise investment
  • Stopping big ideas from becoming overwhelming tasks
  • And more

Hope to see you there!