10 Best Account-Based Selling Tools

10 Best Account-Based Selling Tools

Account-based selling is the most effective technique to close deals with the decision-makers you’re seeking. Adopting an ABS strategy and using Account-Based Selling tools will help your team meet quota, complete more transactions, and achieve a greater return on investment from your sales initiatives. ABS initiatives outperform other marketing efforts, according to 85% of B2B marketers. 

ABS is a B2B sales model that identifies which organizations are ready and likely to buy using an account-based approach rather than a lead-based or contact-based strategy. This strategy focuses sales teams on a group of highly focused, high-value accounts. To convert successfully, you must communicate with the appropriate individuals at the right time, using the proper information and messaging.

But it’s difficult. Account-based selling necessitates extensive research about your prospects and rigorous planning. You’ll need the right account-based selling tools if you want to see results. 

Here are the 10 best account-based selling tools to up your sales game.


Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that assists businesses in changing the way they communicate with accounts to maximize interested and engaged prospects.

  • From your inbox, you may access customized email templates and content.
  • Receive statistics on which tactics in your library are being used the most frequently, and then quickly share that knowledge with your team.
  • Set up emails to tell particular team members about which accounts should be prioritized.
  • Provide prospects with a personalized link that allows them to arrange a meeting in seconds.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Almost 780 million. That is the current total number of LinkedIn users. Although most salespeople use LinkedIn, just a small number use Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s paid premium service. Sales Navigator makes it simple to construct prospect lists based on decision-maker job titles and responsibilities.

It enables you to do sophisticated prospect and contact searches while receiving lead recommendations that may be relevant to your needs. You may also easily integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your CRM and sync all prospect information. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides you with real-time updates on relevant events such as job changes.


SalesIntel helps you find and use the contact B2B data you need. You can access the industry’s most reliable and detailed B2B data, including firmographic and technographic data about your ideal customer profile (ICP) along with customer Intent Data.

Access Advanced-Level B2B Data:

Access to millions of human-verified company data points and contact details. 

 Get Access to Work Mobile Numbers:

Work Mobile Numbers have a 7X higher connectivity score. SalesIntel is the industry leader in mobile number data, so you can get to the decision-maker right away.

Track Buying Signals:

Uncover your prospect’s buying signals so you know when to reach out. Find leads already in the market for your solution.

Want to check how long is your list of potential clients.

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InsideView is a platform that integrates research and data into teams’ daily operations. The program is task-based, allowing sales teams to market more effectively and efficiently.

  • Determine whether the information is incorrect, incomplete, or duplicated.
  • Analyze your data concerning your sales plan and desired customer profile.
  • Create fresh target lists by using customer lookalikes, complex demographic searches, and custom criterion searches.
  • Create highly personalized pitches with access to over 40+ fields of meaningful data.
  • Investigate connections and organizations to discover more ways to interact with an account.


Mintigo’s predictive marketing assists in locating customers quickly, prioritizing those leads, and determining the best moment to begin selling to them.

  • Target the proper accounts and prospects by using technology that searches for specific technology usage, personalities, social influences, department size, and so on.
  • As prospects enter the pipeline, assign them a prediction score to prioritize them.
  • Make micro-campaigns to reach out to certain personas.
  • Determine which leads to contact and which to nurture further.


Lattice is a tool that predicts account-based selling success. Lattice is the first enterprise-grade solution to cover the whole customer experience.

Leads are scored based on hundreds of buyer signals, as well as buyer profile and interaction data. You can view your marketing automation platform’s scores and insights. Lattice helps you know which organizations are ready to purchase right now, as displayed in your CRM. It enables you to utilize lead outreach based on real-time updates on purchase signals. 


SalesLoft is a sales prospecting and automation tool that assists sales companies in developing a consistent prospecting workflow.

Create email templates that may be shared among your sales team. Organize contacts so that salespeople call individuals in their area codes to maximize the likelihood that prospects will answer the phone. Create a scoreboard to evaluate your team based on possibilities produced, good phone calls, and email answers.


Vendemore modifies mass advertising to send concentrated and tailored messages to individuals in high-priority accounts, whether prospects or customers.

Engage with clients after they visit your website to increase the likelihood that they will return. Make a lasting impact on prospects so that they remember you whether they buy now or later. From a network of over a million websites, you may choose when and where your organization should be displayed.


LeadGnome scans emails for new leads, improves and manages current leads, and gives actionable sales insights.

  • Receive alerts about trigger events before your rivals.
  • Using Account-Based Intelligence derived from email responses, you may add additional leads that fit inside your key accounts.
  • Discover and rectify changes to current and new customer data.
  • Connect the program to your current campaign procedures, CRM, and marketing automation.


SalesPredict helps B2B sales teams increase revenue by finding top prospects/accounts and providing insights to target those leads using predictive analytics.

  • Score leads and opportunities in real-time.
  • Determine the best strategy to reproduce success using micro-segment information.
  • Utilize buying signals and data to have targeted conversations at a faster pace.

It’s About Identifying the Best from the Rest

Account-based selling is a sales method worth experimenting with if you want to target high-value accounts. However, it is not a simple process. You’ll need to invest time, effort, and resources in selecting accounts to target, identifying decision-makers, and developing sales assets. But in the end, you’ll be rewarded.

ABS allows you to land higher-value agreements and focus on accounts that are important to you. If you need assistance scaling your outreach initiatives, you must select the right Account-based selling tools to save time, energy, and money.

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