SalesIntel V2: New UI, 3.5X Faster Search Speeds, and more!

Monday, December 16th – This morning we launched a major update to the SalesIntel portal. Most notable to our users is the 3.5X faster search speeds, new user interface, and personal email search. 

3.5X Faster Search Speeds

Our 95% human-verified data accuracy is no secret, but that much data was starting to slow searches for our users. Afterall, 4 million human-verified contacts, 67 million machine verified contacts and 41 million technographic data points is a lot of information to sift through in a single query! 

With this latest portal update, we’ve increased the search speed by 3.5X so our users can move quickly through searches in SalesIntel. 

SalesIntel New UI and 3.5X Search Speeds

New User Interface

This sleek new user interface makes it even easier to get started for new users and highlights features our current clients love! As soon as you login you’ll be able to… 

  • Quickly search a target company name
  • Click to search by recommended rankings
  • Easily view your saved searches
  • Upload a company or contact list for data enrichment. 

Users will also be able to quickly find the filters they’re looking for in the side panel for contact and company searches by category.

New UI and 3.5X Search Speeds

Search by Personal Email

Have you ever had an inbound lead fill out the form with a personal email address? Usually that means you’re dead in the water, but with SalesIntel you can search for contacts by their personal email address! 

SalesIntel is a great tool to fill in those inbound lead information gaps!

Search by Personal Email Address