A Sad Day at SalesIntel, the Loss of a Coworker

A Sad Day at SalesIntel, the Loss of a Coworker

It’s a sad day for the SalesIntel team.

We lost one of our brightest minds, Pranav Bhong. He was a 28-year old bright young soul passionate for his work, a go-getter, and always the most cheerful person in the room.

“It is always painful to lose a friend, family, or colleague but watching them pass before time, at such a young age is even more troubling.” said Manoj Ramnani, CEO.

Jason Rosenthal, one of our Senior Account Executives added, “In my entire sales career, I can say Pranav was the hardest worker I had the pleasure to be paired with. I worked very closely with Pranav over the last 8 months and no matter how hard the challenge- he was always up for it.

“He was a true light and I can say we were not just colleagues but friends. In the Jewish religion we have a prayer, the Mourner’s Kaddish below I have included an excerpt of this prayer in honor of Pranav….

“May His great name be kept magnified and sanctified in the world that is to be created anew….May the Holy One, blessed be He, reign in His sovereignty and glory, during your life ring your days.”

It is always difficult to write about loss, especially when they are so young. Yet, the joy Pranav brought to our SalesIntel family will not be forgotten.

May his soul rest in peace.