Whitepaper: Combining Intent Data With Company “Fit” for Better Qualified Leads and Higher Conversion Rates

Are you targeting the RIGHT companies at the RIGHT time?

Prospects are actively searching for companies equipped to solve their business challenges through products or services. They may be searching online, consuming content, attending a webinar or even doing research through a live event, all with the goal of solving their business challenges. They’re gathering information about who to contact and who can potentially help them overcome their challenges.

The challenge is that these prospects may not be communicating that interest to you through the usual channels like filling out a form or calling your sales team. Marketing leaders like Marketo know that 96% of people visiting your website are not going to engage or fill out a form. So how do you identify companies showing intent by visiting your website and start reaching out to them?

That’s what this whitepaper is all about! Download it today and learn how you can identify unknown web visitors and strategically match them to your ideal customer profile (ICP) to get high intent leads that are a fit for your sales cycle.