Whitepaper: Don’t Just Sit There – It’s Time to Rethink Your Sales Coverage Model

Don't Just Sit There - It's Time to Rethink Your Sales Coverage Model

Rethink your Your Sales Coverage Model 

By John Coe, B2BMarketing

Your sales coverage model will change – guaranteed. These changes were underway before Covid-19, and they will accelerate post Covid-19. As we often say on the first tee in golf–play 9 and adjust. John’s guess is that the first 9 will be 6-12 months of experience. For those firms (hopefully your company) whomove fast and adapt quickly to a new coverage model, will have the best chance of growing revenue and profit – not just surviving. 

Although the “What You Should Do Now” sections are a bit prescriptive and B2B marketing situations vary greatly, this advice should be helpful and act as a guide to be customized to your specific market and customer segments.

This white paper should be viewed as dynamic since we are still in the middle of the Covid-19 situation. We don’t know when it finally will end, and even then changes will result in.