Why You Can’t Afford Bad Data

Why You Can’t Afford Bad Data

Poor contact data isn’t just a waste of the money spent on the list or the time spent acquiring it. Bad data has a cascading impact that costs you even more down the line.

We’ve already discussed how bad data can get into your system, but we’ll do a quick refresher. Bad data can come from mistakes made in manual data entry. It can come from buying lists that haven’t been properly vetted are made of scraped data internet. Old data can accidentally be re-synced to the system and more.

After that data gets in the system, you lose $8 every time your sales team calls the wrong number. The cost of acquisition for an appointment goes up $170 from $320 to $490.

Your sales team runs into other problems as well. To find more accurate data and prospects, sales reps have to spend 6 hours a week on average prospecting on LinkedIn.

When they do start a conversation, sales reps lack the contact information to easily include and reach out to everyone involved at an account. Each business decision involves 7 buyers on average, but at least info for two of those contacts is expected to be wrong on average.

Inaccurate data doesn’t only cost the cost of acquiring the data. It costs your sales team time, profit, and can slow down deals.