Power Dialing in Sales Call Campaigns and How Bad Data is a Deal-Breaker

Power Dialing in Sales Call Campaigns and How Bad Data is a Deal-Breaker

Perfect for cold calling and outbound campaigns, a power dialer is an automated dialing solution that increases sales agent productivity and improves sales growth, particularly for SMEs.

Computer-telephony integration is crucial to leverage the benefits of a power dialer. It helps SDRs to increase calling efficiency. And, it helps warm-up leads as reps can automatically retrieve relevant information, contact data, and the call history of the leads even during a live call. This is another tremendous reason why it’s important is to maintain a clean and updated database. Without good data, your sales agents cannot make the most of power dialer solutions.

Power Dialing: A Masterstroke in Any Cold Calling Campaign

Power dialing can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal if you are looking to rock your cold calling campaign. Among buyers,  82% said they agreed to have meetings with salespersons following a series of contacts made starting with sales cold calls. Apart from getting cold call volume up, a power dialer can help you to quickly reach new leads in a tough campaign by boosting your dialing productivity and offering other advantages such as being able to:

  • Monitor your cold calling campaign in real-time
  • Automate follow-up actions in your cold calling campaign
  • Customize lead data for your SDRs to use a data-driven sales approach
  • Improve dynamic cold calling and outbound call rates
  • Choose your calls-to-agent ratio to control dialing rates

In 2019, one or more cold calls were accepted by 69% of buyers. Think twice before excluding a power dialer from your cold calling plan. If you are worried about dropped calls, a power dialer is the better option versus a predictive dialer. It connects the customer service rep before connecting the call, avoiding awkward silences and ensuring the agent’s availability even before the call is answered.

Advantages of Using a Power Dialer in Call Campaigns

Installing power dialer software can help you do away with the tedious and time-consuming task of searching and manually dialing contacts, especially when you are in the middle of an important sales campaign. A power dialer makes a great sales and marketing tool, provided you have a high-quality contact database. In the US alone, poor data quality costs the economy over $3.0 trillion annually.

Launch several micro-call campaigns in less time:

Power dialing is one of the best options to quickly run micro-call campaigns. This helps sales reps to be at par with ideal call center agents in terms of productivity even when focusing on their own prospects as and when required.

Increase calls per hour per sales rep:

Power dialers are loaded with excellent features like one-click voicemail drop and automatic dialing at the scheduled time that improves calling rates. Furthermore, they are ideal for use at the individual agent level. They only dial the next contact when the agent is ready to take the call. This avoids dropped calls, delays in call answering, and awkward silences.

Use virtual local numbers to improve connection rates:

Projecting a local presence will allow you to connect to more prospects as it increases trust. Calls from a local number are 4X more likely to be answered by people, according to Software Advice’s Hello Operator.

Enhance SDR efficiency and productivity:

With call recording and monitoring, advanced analytics, personalized scripts, interaction history, CRM integration, built-in surveys, and other features in power dialer, SDRs can significantly improve their performance and bring in strong results.

Contact more leads compared to using a manual dialer:

A power dialer removes the risk of human error when dialing. It also saves a lot of time that your sales reps would otherwise spend searching and manually dialing contacts.

Steer Away from Poor-Quality Data when Using Power Dialer

Investing in quality contact data can be the first positive step toward effectively leveraging power dialing to hit your sales numbers. If you are an SME or on a low budget, this investment could be free. For instance, you can use the free Chrome extension RevDriver to get your hands on 95% accurate human-verified contacts.

Check if Your SDRs are Using Updated Data for Power Dialing

It is also equally important to maintain an updated B2B database, considering that the contact details of the C-suite may change over time, especially when most companies are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. You don’t want to waste time calling empty offices and old numbers. Now is the time to filter your B2B contacts and verify them so you can perform well in your outbound sales campaigns.

Integration, Post-call Qualification Time, Voicemail Drop

You can easily integrate power dialing with your CRM. Besides, power dialer solutions help you to track SDR performance through accurate call statistics and data. Power dialing also goes easy on your sales reps by allowing them a breather after each call, unlike a predictive dialer. You can actually set time delays between calls so that your sales reps can prepare for the next call or quickly complete their after-call work.

How does Power Dialer Beat Predictive Dialer?

  • Ideal for B2B campaigns with short call lists
  • No lost calls or telemarketer delays
  • Connects to a live agent almost every time
  • No exhaustive agent training required
  • Context-based personalized conversations

With features like automatic call logging, voicemail drop, and auto-progress between calls, a power dialer adds value to your sales and marketing call campaigns. With approximately 80% of calls going to voicemails and close to 150 voicemails left by sales reps per day in high-volume sales environments, the voicemail drop feature of power dialers can be a real time-saver for your sales reps and cost-saver for your B2B company.

Why Data Hygiene is Imperative to Add Value to Your Power Dial List

No doubt, a power dialer is one of the favorite automated telephone dialing solutions of B2B companies and call centers, although predictive and smart dialers are tough competition. Having said that, you will only truly be able to reap the benefits of power dialer solutions if your data quality is top-notch.

It’s necessary to have qualified, accurate contact data to produce more efficient, smoother, and more comprehensive telemarketing campaigns with your power dialer. You want to make sure your dialer system uses a list of relevant, verified contacts, so your cold calling or outbound campaign does not go to waste. Globally, businesses suffer average costs of up to $9-14 million annually due to poor data quality.

Power dialing without updated, error-free data is like using a car without gas or driving without headlights in the dark. CRM data enrichment is the key to the effective use of power dialer solutions. Inaccurate or decayed data will not only ruin your sales campaigns but also create additional costs later.
Look at it this way:

  • It costs 10X more per record if it is of poor quality or simply dead versus a cleansed, scrubbed record
  • Furthermore, it is better to verify a record before it’s included in your database than spend 10X more to cleanse and scrub it later

Data enrichment tools like SalesIntel allow you to update and cleanse your data directly from Salesforce. You can also automatically enrich your database per your schedule each time a new contact is included.

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