How SalesIntel Increases the ROI of Your Auto-Dialers (ConnectandSell, Koncert, Orum, and more)

How SalesIntel Increases the ROI of Your Auto-Dialers (ConnectandSell, Koncert, Orum, and more)

In sales, you make a lot of phone calls. Cold calls, follow-ups, check-ins – it’s hard to keep track of how many numbers a sales rep may dial in a day. Thankfully, tools exist to make the process easier. An auto-dialer is a tool for sales representatives that automatically dial telephone numbers from a list. Once the call is answered, the auto-dialer will either connect the individual to the sales rep or play a pre-recorded message. 

Whether it’s to increase productivity or decrease costs, auto-dialers have plenty of use cases that make them a reliable tool to boost your return on investment (ROI). There are a number of great auto-dialers on the market, such as ConnectandSell, Koncert, and Orum, that may be a great addition to your sales arsenal. 

These tools save valuable time and allow sales teams to connect with prospects quickly, minimizing downtime. The more time the sales team spends talking, the more impact you’ll see in your sales pipeline. When you take an additional step and integrate an inside sales auto-dialer with a B2B data provider, you’ll be sure to see a greater return on your investment than if you were to use the auto-dialer alone.

Let’s consider a few of the benefits.

Better Pre-Call Research

Before picking up the phone, your sales reps can access critical information about their prospects, such as technographic and intent data, enabling them to create targeted pitches. With this additional information, reps can easily determine whether the next prospect on their list is worth contacting – do they want what you’re selling? Would you be a good fit? 

With the B2B data points in SalesIntel’s platform, reps can uncover and locate areas of commonality and avoid potential redundancy, allowing them to better connect with prospects.  Through this integration, sales reps can take their outbound calls to the next level, ensuring better prospect targeting and that their cold calls are well-received and relevant.

Decrease Idle Time

When it comes to a sales representative’s day, every moment counts. In fact, Forbes reports that 64.8% of a sales rep’s time is spent doing administrative tasks instead of selling. If they’re only spending a third of their time on the phone, how are they expected to meet quotas?

Through a combination of SalesIntel and your auto-dialer, you’ll be able to streamline repetitive tasks, eliminating the time spent searching for qualified prospects and using that time talking to them and selling instead.  This allows sales reps to focus on real connections, thereby closing more deals. 

Using an auto-dialer doesn’t have to be solely for cold calling. Follow-up calls can easily be streamlined this way too. According to a Brevet study, 80% of sales require an average of five follow-up calls in order to close the deal. However, many sales reps often give up after one follow-up. 

But when armed with SalesIntel’s B2B contact data, sales reps require 73% fewer attempts to reach a prospect. Fewer attempts mean less downtime and more time to focus on selling and closing more deals. 

More Live Conversations

A common pain point with sales reps calling prospects is the amount of time spent NOT talking. An auto-dialer enables teams to avoid the hurdle of busy signals, disconnected numbers, and abandoned calls. Armed with our data, sales teams can easily find and target hot leads with intelligent filters and smart search.

By focusing on the leads and prospects that may have expressed interest in your product, your conversations may not be “cold” after all. You can warm them up by first using the tools in SalesIntel’s platform to better engage the prospect. Sales reps can also familiarize the prospect with their name or company affiliation before the call by connecting with them on LinkedIn or other social outlets. They can easily find this information through RevDriver, our free prospecting tool. 

In addition to raising your sales rep’s cold call volume, an auto-dialer combined with SalesIntel can help you to quickly reach new leads by boosting your dialing productivity. In fact, a study by ScaleX found that sales teams are 7x more likely to reach prospects using SalesIntel’s work mobile numbers. SalesIntel provided a dramatic improvement in the Dial to Connect Ratio (DCR) for ScaleX – one of the fundamental benchmarks of sales activity to measure the quality and effectiveness of contact data. 


Increased Connection and Conversion Rates 

While having accurate phone numbers is critical, it’s equally important to pair your auto-dialer with accurate company data. Failing to do so can derail your team’s sales pitches and waste precious time as you’ll be contacting prospects and companies who are a bad fit for your business.  

When your sales reps are facing consistently poor lead quality, they’ll begin to grow frustrated, and you may see their productivity suffer. Thankfully, we’ve compiled seven ways for your team to improve your conversions by using SalesIntel and adjusting your focus. 

SalesIntel helps you with additional information on your prospects, including technographic and firmographic data. This helps you tailor your sales pitch to keep the conversation engaging and meaningful. Additionally, SalesIntel helps you to identify the accounts that are actively looking for similar products or services like yours using buyer intent data, hopefully leading to more closed deals.

How SalesIntel Increases ROI

With an auto-dialer, you’ll only be able to drive your ROI as much as your data allows. To be successful, you need to fill it with reliable intel on your target companies and the direct dial numbers of those key decision makers. 

The combination of your inside sales auto-dialer and SalesIntel will enable your sales team to take control of, and improve, their statistics such as dialing pace, DCR, and calls per sales rep ratios. Armed with the tools to succeed, your team can discover more sales opportunities and boost sales performance, benefitting from automated outbound dialing and sales productivity.

It’s essential to not only have accurate numbers but all possible information available for a call. 

High-quality data is the fuel required to power your auto-dialer machine. To increase your ROI, you need to be a smart cold caller. This requires optimization, prioritization, and segmenting of potential prospects. With a B2B data provider such as SalesIntel, you can see the full impact on your bottom line. 

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