B2B Remarketing: How to Generate More Leads and Boost Your ROI

B2B Remarketing: How to Generate More Leads and Boost Your ROI

B2B remarketing is one of the most critical methods for increasing the ROI of your paid advertising budget. While many B2C eCommerce platforms have mastered the use of remarketing, many B2B businesses run ineffective remarketing campaigns. Unfortunately, by failing to use remarketing for lead generation, they are allowing potential customers to slip through their fingers.

However, this slick ad strategy can do far more than simply bring previous visitors back to your website. This article covers all the necessary information that you need to ensure more leads and higher ROI from your remarketing efforts.

Why You Should Implement Remarketing

How many times have you sent a follow-up email or made a follow-up call to a lead? You always follow up, right? It’s a vital part of the sales process. Some leads couldn’t become your clientele. However, you keep them in your CRM to keep feeding them company updates and valuable information hoping that you might hear from them someday.

Similarly, some opportunities landed on your website or saw your paid ad but haven’t reached out for some reason. These opportunities are often overlooked or fade away. Marketing and sales have a lack of awareness about these opportunities and don’t know how to identify and chase them. Here’s when re-marketing plays a vital role.

Remarketing allows you to follow up with visitors who have left your website without converting.

Here’s how it works…

Suppose you are looking for a process automation function. You remember visiting several related websites about process control software. However, because no tool stood out to you, and because the need wasn’t particularly urgent, you opted to resume your quest at a later date.

You resigned from your decision to buy a certain tool, but some of the websites you visited still wanted to help.

The websites were aware that you had sought their assistance and attempted to attract you with not one but several advertisements that follow you online.

One of the advertisements answered a key concern you had about purchasing a tool, and you were persuaded to click. The ad led you to a post-click landing page that provided you with all of the details you needed to commit.

This sequence of events is known as remarketing.


Before you get started with remarketing…

Make sure you follow the below tips before you actually start creating your remarketing lists and campaigns.

Set Expectations

You should set clear expectations about the results you may get from the remarketing campaign before implementing it. Remember that when you are remarketing, you are trying to reengage lost opportunities. Anything you can convert from the remarketing campaign is a bonus deal for your business. Setting the expectations too high from the remarketing campaigns is not practical.


Better to Have a Remarketing Strategy in Place

It is always good to have a strategy in place before you implement remarketing. Remarketing is not just about adding a code to your website, and you are done. Choosing the website pages to tag is one of the most important aspects of a good remarketing campaign.

You should strategize the complete flow right from the beginning when the visitor lands on your website for the first time. How should you re-engage them? What should be their next action? What would they like to see to push them back to your lead generation funnel? Put yourself in their shoes and define a strategic flow for remarketing to ensure successful implementation.


Update Your Privacy Policy

Retargeting is a powerful campaign strategy with a strong return on investment. Companies report that it boosts their conversion rates significantly. However, retargeting can also sound “creepy” to users. According to Hubspot research, users are especially annoyed by advertisements that tend to “follow” them.

As retargeting is subject to privacy law, you must inform your users about your retargeting campaign in a Privacy Policy.

Different laws have different requirements on what must be included in a Privacy Policy. You must adhere to the legal specifications of the country in which your business and customers are located.

Given that you keep these points in mind to execute remarketing correctly, you also need to be smarter than the other marketers. Why? Because…

… and there is a smarter way to remarketing that you can opt in to gain a competitive edge and better follow-up with website visitors.

A Smarter Way to Remarketing Using VisitorIntel

If you have a digital marketing team or a Search Engine Optimization expert, you are likely using Google Analytics. Though Google Analytics is an important tool, the information it offers is limited to:

  • The number of new and returning visitors to your website.
  • Demographic data as a whole (age range, gender, location, etc.)

This data will assist the marketing team in tracking campaign effectiveness and website results, but not the sales team.

To gain a competitive edge, you’ll need a tool that can help you do the following in addition to the analytics:

  • Find out which businesses are visiting your website.
  • Get firmographic and technographic information about the businesses that visit your website.
  • Get information about the decision-maker from the relevant firms.
  • Increase sales opportunities to engage with the customer before their needs are fully identified.

VisitorIntel allows you to gather all of these insights in one location with a few clicks to amplify your remarketing strategy. Here are some of the benefits of using VisitorIntel for optimizing your B2B remarketing strategy and boosting your ROI.

1. Unmask Anonymous Visitors

Website visitors who share their details or fill out a questionnaire with their contact information on a website are high-value leads, and every company wants more of them. However, if a prospect does not complete a form, you are left in the dark.

VisitorIntel helps you identify and reach decision-makers and core influencers in organizations that have recently visited their website. So, your website visitors are less anonymous.


2. Chase Only Good-fit Prospects

Remarketing is all about chasing non-converted website visitors. Given that, not every website visitor will be interested in buying your product or service. For instance, if you have 50 visitors landing on your product page but only 20 fit your qualification criteria, you can push your efforts to chase those 20 qualified visitors. This is where VisitorIntel helps you to identify the good fits by providing additional data such as firmographics, technographic data, and, most crucial purchase intent data. Intent data shares the ready-to-buy status of website visitors. This should make your work a lot easier in terms of chasing only good-fit prospects.


3. Reach Prospects Before They Reach Your Competitor

As VisitorIntel helps you with contact as well as company details, you can easily reach out to your qualified website visitors using email and phone calls. This also gives you a chance to reach them before they decide to go ahead with your competitor.


4. Turn a Bad Fit into a Good Fit

As discussed earlier, not every visitor will meet your good fit criteria. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop nurturing a bad fit. Instead, you can push them to become a good fit in the future. Keep them engaged with the latest industry trends, your company’s growth, and more customized content based on their firmographic and technographic data.


5. Reach New Audiences With Customer Match & Lookalike Audiences

When you have data about your website visitors, adding lookalike audiences to your campaign becomes easy. You also get to learn what type of companies can be your potential clients. This data helps you to set up your remarketing campaign effectively.

Long story short, knowing who is visiting your website improves sales and marketing efficiency and provides you with safe, accurate data for your work. Having the data available ahead of time allows you to take constructive sales action and streamline the sales process. You can also pick up leads that would have otherwise slipped through the cracks. And, everything that allows the sales team to concentrate more on personal communication is a win.

So now that you have plenty of reasons to add VisitorIntel to your remarketing efforts, it’s time to reach more prospects.

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