2 Million Verified Contacts

2 Million Verified Contacts

We’ve all had an exciting two months since launching SalesIntel. After starting our mission to provide high quality and affordable B2B contact data for sales professionals only a short while ago, our amazing research team has verified over 2 Million B2B contacts for our database.

Because of our commitment to providing the highest quality (95%+) B2B contact data on the market, we have been working overtime to verify contacts at companies with the largest investments in technology and tech services in the US.

We also have over 1.7 Million direct dial numbers. Direct dials are incredibly hard to confirm and retain, 90% of the companies that invest the most in technology do not make them public, but we’ve taken the time to make them available to your team.

We have also launched support for Salesforce. We know Salesforce is how many of you run your business and your sales teams, so we’ve made it easy to export your SalesIntel contacts directly to Salesforce.

I would like to invite you to search our platform today and reveal 10 free contacts during our trial: www.salesintel.io

Thanks for all your support!


Manoj Ramnani