Recap – Virtual Launch Party: Advanced Sales Tactics Kick Off with Ronnell Richards


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Join SalesIntel as we kick off our second course in the SalesIntel Academy with Special Guest Host Ronnell Richards, author of Shut The Hell Up And Sell and leader of “Advanced Sales Tactics”.

Together we’ll go over some of the incredible content that’s to come in SalesIntel Academy: Advanced Sales Tactics – Building Advocates from Discovery to Close and Beyond.

We will discuss three topics in this series: Improving Discovery – focusing on getting it right rather than being right; Creating Value – really understanding what’s most important to that prospect, and Building Advocates – connecting with professionals who will stay in your mind by staying on top of their minds.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create value for your prospects throughout their sales experience and ultimately create advocates to drive your sales forward.

So join us for this special sneak peek at what’s to come in our next course. Hope to see you there.

Ronnell Richards and Ronnell Richards LLC


Carolyn Castellanos and SalesIntel