Webinar Recap: Pivot! Switch Up Your Strategy and Grow Your Pipeline

Pivot! Switch Up Your Strategy and Grow Your Pipeline

If you were expecting leads from a major event that’s been cancelled or a project that’s been put on hold, you’re not alone. But don’t waste time worrying about what could have been: it’s time to switch up your strategy to keep your team on track and your pipeline full. In this webinar, marketing leaders from SalesIntel, Knak, and Rybbon will help you rethink your strategy, adapt to the current climate, and grow your sales pipeline this month with prospects who need what you’re offering.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Source new Leads: Replace leads lost from an event or campaign that was cancelled, or simply increase pipeline by tapping into new sources.
  • Incentivize strategically: When consumers face uncertainty, every purchasing decision is weighed carefully. The right incentive can be the difference between being ignored and driving MQLs. values
  • Strengthen your brand voice: This is the time to lean into your branding. Up your brand strategy and make sure your messaging is consistent.

Watch the Recap Here