Recap: Is Your Data Provider Hindering or Supercharging Your Revenue Growth?

Partnering with the right data provider is not only crucial to the long-term growth of your company,  but also to the tactical execution of go-to-market activities such as effective sales prospecting and outreach, targeted campaigns, and proper account selection. 

If you’re not working with the right data partner, your organization will be at risk of missing your monthly or quarterly revenue and pipeline targets…which can prove to be fatal in these unprecedented times.

This webinar will explore buyers’ top mistakes when selecting a B2B data provider. We’ll detail how to avoid those mistakes and what to do instead.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be armed with actionable advice on how to find a data provider that will keep you happy and satisfied for years to come.

Join the discussion and walk away with

  • Common mistakes buyers make when selecting a data provider
  • Strategies to avoid falling into those mistakes
  • List of questions to have at the ready

Will Fuentes and Maestro Group


Elizabeth Walter and SalesIntel

With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership, Walter served as EVP of Global Field Sales and Operations at Group 1 Software (NASDAQ: GSOF) a high-growth public software company, EVP of International Software Sales and Global Business Development at Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI) a Fortune 500 company, and Chief Revenue Officer at RainKing Solutions (Now ZoomInfo), a private information technology startup sold to Spectrum Equity.