Recap: How to Succeed in Sales as a Genuine Hustler

How do you spend your most valuable asset, time?

Do you have the time to make genuine connections? Or, do you feel like you MUST “always be closing”? It’s a tough choice depending on where you are in your career (and your quota).

Yet there is a balance you can achieve to keep hitting your goals while building advocated through the buying process.

We hope you’ll join Ronnell Richards and Jason Rosenthal for this virtual webinar experience built by sales leaders for sales leaders.


Ronnell Richards and Ronnell Richards LLC

Ronnel has 20+ years of experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and sales leader. He has worked with sales teams across the globe, through workshops and coaching, he helps sales teams realize their true potential. He also produces an incredibly successful Business & Bourbon podcast.

Ronnel cares about helping businesses, sales teams, and individuals reach the highest levels of success possible.

Jason Rosenthal and SalesIntel

Jason Rosenthal is a Senior Sales Executive team Lead at SalesIntel. Jason has been in the data field for just under a decade. He started his career working selling data to both PR and Marketing firms. Jason’s background of working in multiple different industries has allowed him to understand the value of data and how important clean information is.