Recap: How to Land More Qualified Meetings Using Outbound Sequences

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Sales professionals should consider two things when refreshing their email outreach sequences: timeliness and relevance to the recipients’ buyer interests.

It’s good practice to review your collection of cadences on a regular basis to make sure they (and your sales org) are driving engagement and keeping the content fresh. Unless you’re using data to support sequence creation, you might be taking a shot in the dark as to what will connect with your prospect.


  • Know your personas
  • 3 Data-driven outbound sequences for your team
  • Targeting at Scale
  • Live Q&A
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Aaron Brady - Bombora

Aaron Brady


Strong believer in the power of technology and the positive impact it can have on our society.

Jason Rosenthal

Jason Rosenthal


Jason Rosenthal, a team lead at SalesIntel, has been in the data industry for just under a decade. Prior to working at SalesIntel Jason worked at RainKing which was acquired by DiscoverOrg in 2017. After taking a short hiatus from the data world Jason soon realized the importance of clean data for a company’s success. Jason jumped at the chance to get back into the data world when he got to see first-hand how SalesIntel collects and human verifies its data.