Recap: Adding Value To The Inbox – Email Marketing Best Practices Everyone Should Know

Email marketing is a huge struggle in 2023, yet it remains a vital tactic in your go-to-market plans for both sales and marketing teams. What can you do to get better?

It all starts with adding value to the in-box, managing key technical aspects, and measuring the right KPIs. Better email marketing is just a few best practices away and we’ll show you how on this practical hands-on session that you can leverage within your team right away.

In this session, we’ll be diving into the following topics:

  • Avoid the common email marketing pitfalls in 2023 that lead to poor results.
  • Get a tactical step-by-step guide that’s easy to implement and easy to manage.
  • See it in action with a real-world case study and results and try it out in Q4 as part of your year-end push and to get ready for a killer 2024!

Watch The Recording

Meet the Presenters

Ariana Shannon

Director of Marketing, SalesIntel

David Cartolano

Founder, Wealthy Inbox LLC