Recap: 5 Steps to Ramp & Grow a Winning Sales Team

Building a strong sales team can make or break your organization. Any sales leader will tell you there are multiple facets to creating a solid group of sales professionals who can continually hit their numbers.

You might have mastered one or two areas of growth and ramping up, but is it possible what’s blocking your team from winning is that one thing. While the ‘one thing’ will vary it usually falls into one of five categories.

Join us this June as we dive into 5 steps that will grow your sales team. Everything from their first interview to continued success.


  • The cost of bad hires/management
  • 5 Steps to ramp and grow
  • Live Q&A

About Mike Levy and TitanHouse

Mike Levy - TitanHouse

Entrepreneurial B2B Executive Leader, Adviser, Trainer and Mentor.

About Brad Hainer and SalesIntel

Brad Hainer - SalesIntel

Brad has demonstrated sales and leadership success across multiple industries through a strong focus on team building, consultative selling, strategic planning and problem resolution. Brad has proven no hurdle is too big to overcome. Love of life and laughter and a passion for sales and business operations leads to a simple core belief; being humble and engaging through knowledge sharing and empowerment results in more good decisions more often and sets the path toward organization wide success.