Recap: 3 Steps to Crush Sales Discovery

Doing Sales Discovery RIGHT is critical for creating high-quality opportunities that go on to close. However, many sales teams struggle with discovery meetings for a number of reasons which results in lost opportunities and missed sales goals. You don’t get second chances to make first impressions. This recap will provide 3 tactical steps for creating a discovery process that increases conversion rates, deal sizes, and win rates all while providing a better buyer experience.


  • Top Reasons Why Sales Team Don’t Do Discovery Right
  • 3 Steps to Crush Sales Discovery
  • Case Study: Better Discovery Increases Conversions, Deal Sizes, and Win Rate

About Tom Hessen and 9Lenses

Tom Hessen

Tom Hessen is an executive who is passionate about growing emerging software and technology companies. Proven track record of building direct sales and channel partnership programs from the ground up. Unique prior experiences as a technology consultant, software entrepreneur, and MBA provide platform to quickly understand a business and identify opportunities to create value. High achiever that can synthesize the many market data points found in start-ups to create a winning sales plan—clear message, target customer, and value proposition combined with tools to educate clients on opportunities to improve.

About Ariana Shannon and SalesIntel

Ariana serves as the Marketing Director for SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data provider that helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth. SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data. With 95% accurate, human-verified contacts, 70+ Million machine processed data, and the most direct-dial contacts in the industry, SalesIntel is your resource for contact data. SalesIntel’s new method is to have every direct dial number and email tested and re-verified every 90 days. Our combination of automation and researchers allows us to reach 95% data accuracy for all our published contact data while continuing to scale up our number of contacts. With the most comprehensive contact & company data and our excellent customer service, SalesIntel is your partner in growth!