Improving Sales Efficiencies Every Day

Making SalesIntel A Part of Your Team

Customer Background

The client featured in this story is a technology firm. The organization is in the risk management space for a wide array of clients, helping them take necessary corrective actions before issues with privacy and security arise. The customer we spoke with wishes to remain anonymous and will be referred to as Customer X throughout this story.


Over the last several years, Customer X had to scale back on budget and spend wherever possible. However, they quickly realized that hours of Google and LinkedIn searches to find the right contacts and contact information was not how they wanted to spend their time. In an effort to improve some of their inefficiencies and search for better data, they decided to partner with SalesIntel, and have seen great success ever since.


Customer X’s sales team is always focused on finding high quality prospects as fast as possible. They discovered this is almost impossible to accomplish manually. They were spending way too much time searching and any information they did find ended up being outdated or incorrect. This sales team needed help to more efficiently validate their work, find the right contacts, all while also feeling supported with who they chose to partner with.


Since beginning their partnership with SalesIntel, Customer X told us that he felt uniquely cared for and never forgotten. He stated, “even though I know we aren’t your largest account, you always make us feel like we are.” They have appreciated the relationship they continue to have with SalesIntel  and have even seen improvements in the SalesIntel portal that came from their suggestions.

Customer X has also  seen exponential wins across their business as a result of using SalesIntel. The sales team finds great value from using VisitorIntel and buyer intent to track and validate every potential prospect that comes to their website, and see who is in the best position to speak with immediately. They are also able to leverage Research on Demand to always keep their contacts fresh. The marketing team uses SalesIntel account data to refine their messages and web strategies.

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Customer X says that SalesIntel has become “a part of daily life” for those on his sales team. He likened SalesIntel to a wrench or a screwdriver, acting as that basic tool that you’d always find in a carpenter’s toolbox, coming in handy more times than you can count.


  • Improved Sales Efficiency – more targeted, strategic prospecting and processes
  • Actionable Insights – this team can now make strategic choices about their direction based on data, not opinion 
  • Speed to Lead – SalesIntel’s Research on Demand and rapid product development help them to do their work faster and easier than ever before


All in all, this organization experienced countless positive impacts on their business after bringing on SalesIntel.  Customer X saw the value of our data and partnership immediately. They are able to operate more efficiently and confidently with SalesIntel as a critical extension of their team. Within the first two months of using SalesIntel, they knew they made the right choice.