ZoomInfo Reviews Vs. SalesIntel Reviews —What Users Say

ZoomInfo Reviews Vs. SalesIntel Reviews —What Users Say

The B2B data and intelligence landscape is always competitive with new entrants coming in each year. Yet a few vendors continue to retain market leadership. While industry analysts and PR agencies are covering key aspects of popular platforms in the marketplace, user communities, peer reviews, and customer feedback play a pivotal role in guiding prospective users toward the right choice. 

ZoomInfo and SalesIntel are two prominent contenders for a leading spot in the B2B contact data space, both offering platform services and solutions to empower businesses with data that drives revenue. 

To help potential buyers make informed decisions, we have comprehensively analyzed SalesIntel and ZoomInfo user reviews and syndicated ratings from various peer review sites for both platforms.

High-level comparison:

Zoominfo vs SalesIntel - High level comparison

Source: Gartner

Zoominfo vs SalesIntel - User rating and reviews

Source: Softwareadvice

This article will compare the two data platforms based on real user reviews, considering different parameters to help you make informed choices. 

But before that, let’s quickly review what Zoominfo is used for.

What is Zoominfo Used For?

ZoomInfo is a versatile tool catering to various business needs, including sales, marketing, and talent acquisition. This multifaceted platform equips users with data such as contact details and in-depth company profiles. These insights are instrumental in facilitating comprehensive research into potential clients and the strategic development of focused, customized lists.

ZoomInfo offers information for sales professionals, enabling them to identify and connect with promising leads. This empowers sales teams to approach their prospects with a deeper understanding of their background and needs, ultimately enhancing the likelihood of successful engagements.

On the marketing front, ZoomInfo equips marketers with a comprehensive understanding of their target audience. By providing insights into the companies and decision-makers they intend to reach, marketing campaigns can be tailored to be more relevant and practical.

In talent acquisition, ZoomInfo helps HR and recruitment teams identify potential candidates and get a deep dive into their work history and professional background. Access to detailed profiles helps make informed decisions about potential hires and streamlines the hiring process.

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ZoomInfo Reviews Vs. SalesIntel Reviews: Based on Preferences

We are going to delve into the user experiences, insights, and preferences expressed by sharing SalesIntel and ZoomInfo reviews. The reviews shed light on the unique strengths and advantages that ZoomInfo and SalesIntel bring. 

Through this comparison, we aim to provide a nuanced understanding of how these platforms stack up regarding customer satisfaction and the factors contributing to their respective appeal. 

Data Accuracy and Timeliness


ZoomInfo offers an extensive wealth of data, making it a preferred choice for many users. However, it’s not without its challenges. Some users have expressed concerns about the accuracy of ZoomInfo’s data.

Zoominfo review - Data Accuracy and Timeliness

Source: G2 Review

Complaints often revolve around outdated or incorrect information, which can be a significant source of frustration, especially when reaching out to potential clients or business contacts.

 What compounds this issue is the lack of an easy method to report and rectify inaccuracies within ZoomInfo’s database. The difficulty in reporting data to be fixed can hinder users from efficiently maintaining their data quality, potentially leading to missed opportunities or inaccurate business decisions. Thus, despite its wealth of data, ZoomInfo’s data accuracy and rectification processes have been points of contention for some users.


Users of SalesIntel consistently commend the platform for its unwavering commitment to data accuracy and timeliness. The platform’s standout feature lies in its regular data updates every 90 days. This rigorous update schedule ensures that users are consistently armed with fresh, reliable, and up-to-date information.

SalesIntel review - Data Accuracy and Timeliness

Source: G2 Review

For sales teams, in particular, this is a game-changer. Because contact details, job roles, and company information can change rapidly, SalesIntel’s commitment to regular updates is invaluable. Sales and marketing professionals can trust that they are working with the most current and accurate data available, enhancing their outreach effectiveness and increasing the likelihood of successful engagements.

Integration and Deployment

Zoominfo vs SalesIntel - Integration and Deployment

The preference for SalesIntel over ZoomInfo in terms of integration and deployment is rooted in a few specific factors:

Ease of Deployment: 

SalesIntel likely offers a smoother deployment experience due to its simplified onboarding process and intuitive user interface. When users find it easier to set up and start using a platform quickly, it minimizes disruption to their daily operations. 

SalesIntel’s clear instructions, user-friendly design, and superior customer support contribute to this perception. This ease of deployment can be especially crucial for businesses aiming to rapidly implement a new solution without a significant learning curve, reducing downtime and accelerating the realization of benefits.

Easy Integration Through APIs: 

SalesIntel’s better performance in API integration suggests that it offers a more comprehensive and flexible set of integration options. This can be attributed to its API architecture, which provides extensive documentation, support for various data formats, and compatibility with a broader range of third-party software. 

For businesses, seamless integration with existing tools and systems is critical, as it enables a more cohesive workflow. SalesIntel’s enhanced REST API integration capabilities may allow for a more customized and streamlined experience, permitting users to connect it with their preferred applications and tools more effortlessly.

Quality of Training (Scores Equal with ZoomInfo): 

The fact that both SalesIntel and ZoomInfo score equally in quality of training suggests that their respective training materials and support are on par. This implies that the quality of resources available for users to learn how to use both platforms effectively is comparable. So, this aspect is not a differentiating factor between the two, and users receive similar training experiences regardless of the platform they choose.

Customer Service and Support

Zoominfo vs Salesintel - Customer Service and Support

Both SalesIntel and ZoomInfo receive positive feedback regarding their customer service, which plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the aspects that users appreciate about their respective customer service:


SalesIntel review - Customer Service and Support

SalesIntel’s customer service has consistently earned praise from users. The descriptions of the staff as “super friendly” and “very responsive” highlight the approachability and promptness of their support team. 

Having a responsive support team is particularly significant because it ensures that users can quickly resolve any issues or challenges they encounter while using the platform. This level of responsiveness can minimize downtime and frustration, ultimately leading to a smoother user experience. Users value a friendly and efficient support team as it instills confidence and trust in the product, making them feel supported and well taken care of throughout their engagement with SalesIntel.


Zoominfo review - Customer Service and Support

ZoomInfo, too, receives positive feedback for its customer service. In ZoomInfo’s case, exceptional customer service is vital for ensuring that users can maximize the platform’s utility. Users often turn to the customer service team for guidance, whether for training, technical support, or resolving specific challenges. The efficiency and effectiveness of this support help streamline users’ workflows and can make a significant difference in their ability to extract valuable insights and data from the platform. It instills confidence in the platform, knowing that help is readily available.

The positive feedback about SalesIntel and ZoomInfo’s customer service highlights the importance of responsive and friendly support in the user experience. Having a reliable support team in place not only aids users in troubleshooting issues but also contributes to their overall satisfaction with the platform. It’s a testament to both companies’ commitment to ensure their users receive the necessary assistance to make the most of their services.

User Satisfaction


SalesIntel users are generally thrilled with the platform, with some calling it one of the best tools they’ve ever used. Many attribute their success in meeting sales goals to SalesIntel’s capabilities, making it a valuable investment for organizations.


ZoomInfo has undoubtedly been the leader for many years. However, regarding value for money, there’s a difference in opinion between enterprises and SMBs. The difference can be seen on the authoritative review site like G2. 

Enterprises with a healthy spending budget often go with the brand name without digging deep. It is more about the trust name in the market. 

For instance, this ZoomInfo review from G2 from an enterprise user that focuses on the quantity:

Zoominfo Review 1 - User Satisfaction

Here’s another ZoomInfo review from G2, but by an SMB user who is more concerned about quality and looking for real value out of it:

Zoominfo Review 2 - User Satisfaction


SalesIntel may not have the largest database as ZoomInfo. However, it has succeeded in serving and satisfying both enterprises and SMBs. 

Here’s a review from an enterprise SalesIntel user:

SalesIntel Review 1 - User Satisfaction

Enterprise users find SalesIntel a good alternative to ZoomInfo, and then here’s a review from a mid-market user who finds SalesIntel a value-for-money data platform.

SalesIntel Review 2 - User Satisfaction


Ultimately, choosing between ZoomInfo and SalesIntel depends on your specific business needs. SalesIntel shines in data accuracy and timeliness, making it an excellent choice for those who require the most up-to-date information. 

Before making a decision, consider your industry and the importance of data accuracy. Reach out to both platforms for a trial period to see which aligns better with your business goals. The right choice will ultimately empower your sales team to succeed and crush those sales goals.

Remember, the best tool for your business is the one that suits your unique requirements and helps you reach your objectives efficiently and effectively.


ZoomInfo Vs. SalesIntel - Micro comparison