Why Marketing Fails at Finding Qualified Leads

Why Marketing Fails at Finding Qualified Leads

If you’re running a business with any degree of success, you need to have good leads. After all, no matter how good your product is, you can’t profit from it unless you have a buyer. 

The problem? The process of lead generation is hard. Over 60% of marketing teams consider it the most challenging part of their job. So if you just can’t seem to find the leads you’re after, there’s no need to worry! Chances are, you just need to adjust your process a bit. 

Here are a few ways to improve your chances of finding qualified leads.

Know Your Audience

When you’re going through the process of advertising, you can’t just make an ad and throw it out into the world. The key to a good advertising campaign is precision. Know who your ads are targeting, know what they want, and tailor your marketing to them. While it may seem appealing to target as many people as possible, you’ll end up having less engagement than if you speak personally to one specific niche. Targeting all your marketing towards this niche may not appeal to a wider audience, but it’ll be a much more attractive prospect for the type of clientele you’re looking for.

Before you even start working on an ad campaign, decide on your target demographic. This should be done by asking a series of questions to make sure your ideal audience fits the criteria. For example, you need to know how much money this demographic is willing to spend on your product. If it isn’t enough to keep your business up and running, you may need to look into another audience. 

Of course, this isn’t the only thing to consider. How do you plan to reach your audience? What do they want to see? Once you have answers to these questions, you’re much better prepared to launch your campaign.

Forming Subcategories

Even though you’ve established your niche to market within, it’s still possible to make your advertising even more precise. Say, for example, the niche you’ve decided to target is small business owners in the pet grooming industry. 

From here, you can break your advertisements into subcategories such as age, gender, geographical location, and so on. If you wanted to run a campaign that called owners to give thick-coated dogs a trim for the hot season, it wouldn’t do you much good to run it in an area in the middle of a cold season. Essentially, you want to appeal to a moderately broader audience, and then branch out within this territory with specific ad groups for testing.

You want to create as personal an advertising experience as possible. Even though you can’t cater to each individual, breaking your audience down into smaller ad groups can help you appeal to individual parts of that audience. Though it may seem like overkill to advertise to so many audiences within audiences, taking the extra time adds a personal touch to the campaign, making it clear to the recipient how your business benefits them.

Using the Right Keywords

Another aspect of appealing to a specific audience is to be precise in your choice of words. Your potential client is likely looking for specific features or services, so it’s essential to make these clear. Precise word choice is integral to search engine optimization (SEO). As the name would suggest, an SEO article is more likely to appear high in the search results, meaning if someone searches for a service you provide, you’ll be one of the first choices they’re presented with.

Of course, the SEO process doesn’t end with just keywords. Throwing relevant words around won’t get you anywhere. You have to use them as a part of a precise, well-written piece that will appeal to your clients. 

Furthermore, you need to be vigilant when it comes to changes in search engine algorithms. These algorithms are extremely complex. And though this is generally to your benefit, you have to make sure that your site and marketing techniques are still compatible with the search engine. You need to monitor your audience engagement constantly and take note of what causes an increase or decrease.

Optimizing Your Site

In addition, it’s important to make sure that your site’s content is relevant, appealing, and easy to navigate. A poorly designed site is frustrating enough to cause your clients to leave in droves. However, a sleek, professional website shows clients your attention to detail and gives your business an edge over the others.

The importance of a solid web design team can’t be overstated. A group of people that know how to design a site that’s appealing both visually and functionally, as well as being able to keep it up and running is integral to your company’s online operation. It’s an important balancing act between having all the necessary information and avoiding your messaging being condensed and difficult to read. With a site that is clean, organized, and SEO-friendly, you’re sure to pull in highly qualified leads.

Using the Right Toolkit

If you feel overwhelmed and have no idea how to micromanage so many tasks at once, there’s no need to worry. SalesIntel provides quick, relevant, and accurate information provided by a team of 1650 on-demand researchers to do the heavy lifting for you. Among the host of information, you can find out which clients are showing buying intent, if their company is engaging with your website, and more, all compiled into a single source. Gathering all the additional prospects you need is as simple as submitting a request to our research team. Just kick back and let us take it from there.

Our commitment to relevance and accuracy is at the forefront of our services. As a rule of thumb, it costs $1 to verify a record, $10 to scrub one from your system, and $100 is lost due to an inaccurate record. As such, we provide data enrichment services to keep your information clean, organized, and accurate. And to ensure complete and total accuracy, we re-verify our data every 90 days, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of trouble. 

With your business ideas and our data, it’s possible to expand your funnel by up to 5X, making you more money with less work. When you trust SalesIntel with your contact data, you’ll spend less time prospecting and more time selling your product.