Welcome to the World’s Best B2B Sales and Marketing Intelligence for the InfoSec Market

Welcome to the World’s Best B2B Sales and Marketing Intelligence for the InfoSec Market

Every company on the planet, whether they know it or not, needs robust data, network, and information security solutions. There’s no protecting their intellectual property, the personal information of their clients, their transactions, assets and their people otherwise.

The universal need for information security presents a major challenge to all infosec sellers and marketers whether you’re a consultant or a household name in security. How do you thrive and separate yourself in a saturated market?

Word of mouth, social connections, old school cold calling and spray and pray marketing – all these only go so far. Everybody is doing them and running into the same dead-end walls.

If everyone is like the cartoon Wile E. Coyote smacked up to the Roadrunner’s fake tunnel then it’s time for a change. It’s time to play smarter. With proper Sales Intelligence, you can dodge the traps that are tripping up your competition and catch your perfect customers.

What Does SalesIntel Offer InfoSec Marketers and Sales Reps?

SalesIntel provides you access to:

  • More than 100,000 information security decision makers
  • Verified direct dials and emails
  • Direct dial numbers for 85%+ of contacts
  • Guarantee data confirmation by a team of human researchers every 90 days

SalesIntel means knowing who your competitors’ clients are and who they’re not. It means knowing which of your prospects are operating on outdated security technology. It means knowing which application suites and infrastructure technologies your prospect already uses in order to make a more informed call or create a targeted, insightful marketing campaign.

It means an understanding of the entire security technology space and the people in the US that are responsible for deciding the security technology their company deploys.

SaleIntel means playing smart.

Imagine having your own intelligence firm like Gartner at your beck and call. Don’t guess if a prospect used Kaspersky Lab based on Kaspersky’s market share. SalesIntel means knowing what exactly tools comprise your prospect’s security tech stack and who within those organizations are responsible for owning anti-virus purchasing from the ground floor up through the CISO.

In the last four months, we’ve published data on more than 1 million information security technology environments and verified the data of more than 100,000 of the decision makers responsible for those environments.

Only with SalesIntel can a security seller depend on fully verified contact data, 85% of data with direct dials and the ability to triangulate decision makers with the security environments in place at their organizations.

Interested in Selling to Security Providers?

What if you’re interested in selling to security providers instead? Only SalesIntel has an industry category carved out that profiles companies that provide information security solutions.

You can identify hundreds (soon to be thousands) of companies in the information security industry with one click. With that data, you can identify the decision makers that are responsible for forging partnerships with other providers. From the CEO all the way down to the influencers that you’ll have to win over in order to get the business relationship rolling, SalesIntel has the full organization picture.

Copy Your Success Again and Again

You already have a CISO or twelve as favorite clients. You’ve identified their needs and figured out the exact technologies they need to address them.

With SalesIntel, you can easily identify thousands of additional CISOs that look like the CISOs you know already.

Using our highly accurate technographic and firmographic data, you can find needles in a stack of needles – like the South Carolina-based transportation services company that has less than 1,000 employees and Verisign installed, or the Colorado restaurant group that uses Symantec to protect itself from threats or the Midwest hospital system that is in desperate need of a more robust solution to protect their patient data.

All of those perfect customer finds are made easy with SalesIntel. You can trust that when you pick up the phone and call, you’ll get your ideal contact on the other end of the line.