Sales Hero Spotlight: Lorraine Joseph

Sales Hero Spotlight: Lorraine Joseph

Our sales hero this week is Lorraine Joseph from the The Tenacious Development Assignment.

How many years have you been in sales, why sales?

I’ve been in sales over 20+ years. I entered sales because I love the chase/hunt.

What makes you come to work every day?

I love to share the wealth. I love that each day is full of new opportunities.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a sales rep?

There are a number of different personalities to cater to. It takes a long time to learn how talk to all different types of people you’ll run into during your job.

What’s the biggest misconception about sales?

It’s about the money. You have to enjoy the daily tasks of it. If all you care about is the paycheck, you won’t last long.

What is your favorite tool that makes your job easier?


Any advice for someone who is thinking of starting his career in sales?

Start from the ground up, master the hunting And soft skills and get into a good business development representative program. Be a hunter and not an order taker.

What else do you want to add about yourself?

I love comedy and music.

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