How to Find Anyone’s Business Email Address

How to Find Anyone’s Business Email Address

Email is still the best way to reach a potential customer in a highly personalized way. Not a surprise to anyone. It is one of the most prominent forms of communication for 73% of businesses.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of emails never get opened. In fact, only 8.5% of prospects are ready to respond to your message. Sounds less than optimistic for your sales and marketing teams.

In such a scenario, finding the email addresses of the right people should be your top priority. Let’s talk about the ways you can collect the list of important emails and increase the response rate in this post.

How to Find Anyone’s Business Email 

There are several options you may undertake to find any email address on the web. We’ll discuss the most effective ones.

1. Use email hunter tools

Now, finding business emails has become easier because of email finder software to easily get addresses based on the owner’s name, company’s name, profiles on social media, and so on.

There are dozens of email hunter tools on the digital market at the moment. Let’s see what features some of the best tool offers.

With the email hunter, it’s easy to get a target email address within a minute. You may enter the prospect’s first and last name, as well as the website’s domain name, and the tool will generate every possible combination. Finding emails in bulk is also possible, so you will be sure your customer base is filled with a list of quality emails.

Besides, the service offers its Email Finder extension for Google, which allows scraping emails from any website or social media page. Just open the plugin and view the list of email addresses, along with additional information, such as names or job positions generated by the tool.


SalesIntel can boast of the RevDriver tool, which is an intuitive, free Google extension that allows you to easily retrieve business contact data as you prospect across LinkedIn profiles, other social media, company and account pages, product review pages, and so on. SalesIntel offers 10 credits per month for free RevDriver users with the ability to add more based on your needs.

Apart from email addresses, the tool gives you access to direct-dial phone numbers, company technographic data, and firmographic data.


This email finder software offers you an advanced search of emails by individual’s name and company name or domain. With its Prospector tool, you can look up emails by company profiles, job positions, and keywords. The Chrome extension helps you find valuable business contacts from LinkedIn, other social media, or any website.

2. Look for emails on Facebook and Twitter

With 3.8 billion social media users on the planet, it’s a shame not to try finding emails on such platforms as Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t miss a chance to look through Facebook profile pages and peep into the About tab to check whether a person has mentioned their email among other personal information.

Twitter may also be an option for finding a business email. Even if you haven’t noticed any email address in your prospect’s bio, Twitter offers you something more compelling. With its advanced search option, you may look through your target person’s tweets and catch the email you are looking for among mentions.

Lastly, on social media platforms, you may always try to ask for an email directly. If you explain the reason you are contacting the person, what value you may bring to them, and sound polite and friendly, chances are that you may interest your recipient and get their email contact in return.

3. Use Google search

It seems so obvious, and yet not many people try searching for business emails on Google. You may try various combinations, for example:

  • First name / Last name / email. e.g. Bill Sander email.
  • First name / Last name / email / site: / e.g. Kate Sander site:
  • First name / Last name / company name / email. e.g. Bill Sander Salesintel email

Don’t forget that Google is a powerful search engine, so by manipulating queries you may find what you are looking for.

4. Subscribe to the mailing list

What if a person you want to reach runs a blog, but there’s no contact information about them on their webpage? You may subscribe to their newsletters, and as soon as the first one lands in your inbox, scrape the target email address right from the sender field.

Why is it so important to find a valid email address?

Finding an email address is one thing, but that’s not enough. You should be sure the email is active in other words that it is valid and belongs to a real person. The truth is that 10% of email addresses people enter into signup forms and internal systems are invalid. If such email addresses appear in your email list, you may face the unpleasant problem of hard bounces.

And if you send your messages to the wrong addressee or the one who is not interested in your content, they may submit spam complaints to get you blacklisted. Don’t put your sender and domain reputation at risk.

Luckily, services such as SalesIntel and don’t only find business emails for you but also verify them so you can be confident in data quality.

Wrapping up

Email is awesome. You can use it to promote new content, attract new leads, and increase sales. We’ve offered you several working tips on email searching. Depending on your goals, you’ll be able to choose your best solution.

You are now armed with effective email-finding tools and tips to help your business build meaningful contacts with the right people at the right time.

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