How SaaS Leaders Should Set the Foundation of their Strategy for 2023

How SaaS Leaders Should Set the Foundation of their Strategy for 2021

Despite the economic slowdown, SaaS spending rose by 50% in 2020 relative to 2018 – a promising statistic.

Businesses and customers are comfortable with subscription services. Continued advances in technology mean that there is no lack of innovative, valuable goods entering the market.

For SaaS businesses, a stronger and successful 2023 will be built, in part, on reliable marketing and sales strategy. In this article, we will look at where you should focus while building your foundation and how you can create a data-backed strategy for the New Year.

What Areas You Should Focus

SaaS is growing across all divisions, and it is no longer IT’s job to choose and implement technologies. SaaS has become so available that everyone in an organization can pick, subscribe, and introduce new applications. Cisco predicts that by 2021, 75% of the workload will be SaaS-only.

Brining in the tools and technology to serve different functions including:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer relationship management, or CRM
  • Customer success
  • Proposals and contracts
  • Finance, billing and invoicing
  • Data collection and contact enrichment
  • Analytics
  • Operations
  • Communication and VoIP
  • Project management

Given the long list of areas, your core focus should be to support marketing, sales, data collection and enrichment, and customer success with technology and AI at the forefront for revenue generation.

SaaS tools are often multi-purpose and can tick many of these boxes, so you don’t need a tool for each one of them. For example, a data intelligence tool can empower your marketing, sales, and customer success efforts. Another advantage is that most SaaS tools have easy integration with one another. For instance, your invoice management tool can integrate with your accounting software.

Powering-Up Your Strategy With Data in 2021

87% of marketers say that data is an underutilized asset.

Be it email campaigns, paid search promotions, re-marketing, social media advertising, or multi-channel marketing, data plays a vital role in making your outreach successful.

According to 64% of marketing leaders, data-driven strategies are essential in today’s economy. They give you a snapshot of the prospect’s buying patterns, behaviors, interactions, thoughts, desires, and motivations.

Data-Driven PPC Campaign

Although content marketing and SEO are cost-effective methods of attracting leads, if you don’t get enough organic search traffic, a PPC campaign is a smart tactic to find more leads.

Advertising based on assumptions is a gamble. If you make the wrong assumptions, you’re going to waste money and advertise to uninterested audiences. The key is to set up ad campaigns based on the data. Try various versions of the ad copy to evaluate what fits well with prospects. By collecting as much data as possible about your ideal prospects, you can use that data to target your ads more effectively.

For example, if you are running VoIP software ads on LinkedIn, you can target your prospects using firmographic data.

SalesIntel lets you find firms that match the firmographic criteria to be qualified as lead companies. This way, you have all the information you need to add your target audience while setting up your ad campaigns.

Optimizing Emailing Marketing

A lot of people have the idea that bulk emailing has low returns. The fact is, the return on cold emails varies tremendously based on the quality of your campaigns.

The campaign sequence is simple:

  1. You find specific potential customers to email.
  2. You offer them the fix to the dilemma they’re actually facing.
  3. You work to get them on a call.
  4. You present a product demo.
  5. You try to close the sale.

But most marketers or sales reps fail to execute the 1st step properly – targeting irrelevant leads at the wrong time.

Can you point out what differentiates the professionals who send 10,000 emails and get 1 response vs. the professionals who send 500 emails and get 20 responses with email outreach? The answer is twofold: reliable data and targeting.

SalesIntel provides you with the requisite data points, such as firmographic and technological data, to help you segment your prospects and use personalized messaging while cold emailing. You can even qualify and focus on accounts that are actively looking for your services but have not yet reached out to you through our Intent Data.

Stepping-Up to the Next-Level Content Marketing

The importance of data in content marketing can not be overstated. Creating content that will give you high engagement without keeping a buyer persona top of mind is difficult. While creative content focuses on telling a compelling story, data will direct marketers on whether the content is genuinely relevant to audiences.

So how do advertisers best utilize data in their content strategies?

SalesIntel provides you with the intent data needed to determine whether a prospect or lead is willing to purchase or wants more help by knowing the topics they’re looking for on the internet. Knowing a prospect’s intentions helps your team create content that not only drives prospects to your website but also builds trust in your brand.

Converting Cold-Calling Into Warm Calling

The cliché of a sales professional fluttering around a stack of anonymous prospects and constantly cold calling is no longer productive. There are easy ways to boost cold call conversions with SalesIntel.

Hold off on immediately jumping into the dialer. You will engage the prospect by analyzing with SalesIntel before you call to improve your conversation. Second, you can get acquainted with your prospect or target account before your call by connecting to or posting on LinkedIn.

You can even start your pre-calling research using RevDriver’s free chrome extension and can download LinkedIn connection’s email into excel.

Here’s how it works.

SalesIntel also provides you with direct work mobile numbers so you reach the decision-maker directly without wasting your time convincing the gatekeeper.

Wrapping Up

As a SaaS leader, adapting to the new normal and sustaining yourself in a fast-moving competitive industry is difficult. You need to choose the right data to target the right audience at the right time. You also need to make sure that you choose the right data partner who focuses on providing human-verified data to be the foundation of your marketing strategies. Consider SalesIntel with our 95% accurate human-verified contacts.

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